Happy holidays to all Grumblers



Here's to wishing everyone a healthy and joyous holiday season and a prosperous 2005.

I've certainly enjoyed reading your informative and humorous posts. Merry Christmas everyone.

Paul Cascio
The American Picture Framing Academy
May you all have a joyous and very happy holiday. Enjoy the time with family and friends and many thanks to everyone for their help and advice over the year.

Merry, Merry! :D
Our very best wishes to everybody on TG!

Enjoy this time of the season w/ your friends & loved ones!

Merry Christmas & Peace on Earth!
Merry Christmas to all the Grumblers and wishing you all a Great 2005. Thank you for all the great posts on all the forums, it has been great reading, and some good laughs. The best to you all.

Manny & Marie
To you to0 Paul
Dave, I remember snow in Houston in the early 70's.

They were interviewing convention-goers who were stranded in Houston 'cause the airport was closed. Some were trying to get back to their homes in northern cities - where there was no snow.

People were befuddled by frozen locks on their cars. They would pour warm water on them, which wasn't helpful. It was just as well, since there was no salt or sand for the roads and no way to clear the snow.

Some radio DJ in the Detroit area arranged to have a retired county snowplow shipped down to Houston.

It was great fun for about three days. Then it all melted and we went back to our picnics in the park.

Happy Holidays, Grumblers.