Happy Birthday Paul Frederick



I have never meet Paul, never the less he has been a part of my life since I started framing…..mention “QUALITY” with respect to framing and one of the first things that jumps into my mind is Paul Frederick and all he has contributed to the framing community…………

Happy Birthday Paul………………………have a great one…….

Best regards

And quite a man he is, too! There is no way framers can repay the debt they owe to one of the most charming and generous fellows I know.
Happy 89th birthday and THANK YOU for the great educational material

Happy Birthday, Paul! How are you going to celebrate your birthday?

Thank you for publishing your framing knowledge and experiences!
Happy Birthday, Paul

I see a few early birds got here first.
Happy Birthday Paul and many more!

A Student of yours from nearly 20 years ago...
You got us started on quality framing!

Benjamin Blasbalg
Creative Alternative Gallery
Brooklyn, NY
Paul is one of a kind. Always willing to share, always a helpful attitude whether on TG, HH or at any show, always willing to learn new things, always charming, friendly, and yes even handsome.

All these years he has never sold out and if he says it, it's because he totally believes it, His answers on this forum and HH are usually well researched or based on experience, not just on the fact that he heard something. I never saw a bandwagon he jumped on.

I've been in framing for a long time now, and he is a framer to emulate, admire, listen to and yes, love. I love you Paul and wish you many, many more years because the framing industry still needs the knowledge you possess and share.

Happy Birthday!