Happenings at Bainbridge???

Mike LeCompte CPF

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jul 20, 2005
Knoxville TN
Just got a letter from our Bainbridge/Nurre rep saying he was let go, as well as lots others. seems with the takeover/buyout of the big holding company, whole lotta shakin' goin' on (yeah, I been there, done that)

So the question: what's happening to Nelisen/Bainbridge/Nurre? Any clues? Rumors? Gossip?
Just talked to a distributor. Said 30 "middle managers and reps" were let go.

I don't expect to see product changes until the Spring.
OOPS sorry. Missed that one. Must have been on vacation.

And Rick: if you're rep is Linda you're REAAAAALLL lucky. Had her for about two years and one of the best out there, regardless of distributors. And the fact she has had gallery experience is a real plus.

Say "hi" for me if you see her again. Miss her and her expertise
I met Linda a couple of weeks ago at our Chapter PPFA meeting - she seemed like a really cool person. She gave a wonderful talk on merchandising (and gave away a chunk of matboard, to boot!)

I started to ask about this... but decided naa, I wouldn't stir that pot.
Speaking of Linda...

So, I sez to Linda, I sez, "I'm thinking about adding Bainbridge - Nona Powers seems to think they're tops..."

And lo and behold, today 2 HUGE boxes of mat samples arrive.

Wow - now that's service!
We found out about a week ago that our inside Sales Associate, Patty Thomas, was "let go." We were really upset as Patty is one of the main reasons that we went with Nurre C. We had fantastic service and she went out of her way to help.Patty and I went through our entire line of mouldings (over the phone!) to see what ones we were missing (the new catalogs weren't out).

As for our sales rep...we've yet to see her. Her attitude doesn't seem very good either...we're only a small gallery and frame shop and I guess she can't be bothered.

I called up the new CEO and left a message complaining about Patty's being let go, talked about not seeing a rep EVER, and said that we can eliminate N-B and nurre and use other manufacturere including Crescent exclusively if the service goes downhill. Interestingly enough our sales rep called the next day.
Patty...if you are out there...I know that you are lurking, we are sorry to see you go. You did a terrific job in showing the New Jersey/Delaware Valley PPFA group the distribution center. As a rep, you always filled our requests efficiently and quickly. Thanks for all of your help. Sorry to see you go.