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Hanging With Top & Bottom Z-Bar

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WOW Framer
Forum Donor
Apr 5, 2008
Washington State
I've read before that, when hanging with Z-Bar (metal clear hanger) at both top and bottom, it's important only the top one bear weight. That the bottom is supposed to only serve as a rail guide, but not bear weight. Why is this? If it were reversed, with the bottom bearing weight, and the top bearing none, what would happen?

Matthew Hale

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Dec 5, 2015
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I imagine something heavy like a mirror resting on a bottom mounted cleat could bring a lot of leverage to bear against the bottom cleat as it tried to lean away from the wall, whereas the force applied to the top cleat if it is bearing all the weight would be pulling parallel to the wall surface and perpendicular to the screws holding it up. does that make any sense?
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