Hanging Systems?

wally pasbrig

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Mar 27, 2002
South Amana, IA
My plans are to convert my existing B & B space to a gallery-gift shop. I have the needed permits for both since we are in an historic area. I have looked at three different types of hanging systems for art work and as of now, I like the Gallery System since it appears the nylon hanging rods/lines are less obtrusive than the wire or hard rod types. Does anyone have any feelings on one system over the other? Thanks in advance for your input.
The hard rod type look like h*ll. I don't know if the nylon will yellow, that and the stainless wire look the best. The iron rod ones are just plain ugly, pass on those.

I wonder if the company would tell you (honestly) if the nylon yellows. And if they say 'not', is there a lifetime warranty protecting that issue. My philosophy is, if any company promises something, it will be covered by warranty, if truly valid.

Should you find out, please let us all know.
Hey John,

How'd those rod systems look BEFORE the operation?? :D Is this one of the "revelations" that you got since you can see naturally again?

Ha, I'll bet you are running 'round your shop right now checking for overcuts and spread miters and such! :eek:

Isn't it great to have that clear vision back again?

(Sorry to F'thread your question about hanging systems, Wally but I have always used the old fashioned methods of hanging art in my retail spaces because I never likes the regimented look of those rod/wire/tape hanging systems. All your art hanging in straight vertical columns never appealed to me.)

Personally I like the system where you first re-sheath the wall in 3/4" Straw board. Pick your blow a light texture on it, and chose your color of the month. Next month just repaint and the little bitty holes that the hooks made just disappeaer. Also you can hang an elephant and his Hummer of this kind of wall.... if you're into elephummer art..... :D
Aside from the potential for yellowing, I would be a bit concerned about the nylon "drying out" and becoming embrittled over time. Also, slight kinks and dints could weaken the tape.

The stainless steel cables might be a bit more obtrusive, but will probably age much better, and take much more abuse, over time, than the nylon tape.

Best of luck.
I have one tall purple wall on which I have installed an Ook system. It is brass rods hanging on a brass rail and it looks very elegant and slightly eccentric in my 1910 tin-ceiling'd storefront. I think the look of the rods complements the historic feel of the building.
I used the Ook system because a local supplier ( www.lewintermoulding.com ) carries them and sent me a sample to check out.
They were easy to install and easy to use and rearrange/rehang.
I have so much art on the walls that I don't even notice them anymore, but sometimes a customer with an eye for detail will notice and comment quite favorably.
I have been wandering around my new house recently, seeking a wall on which to use this at home, it looks so interesting!

edie the tryityoulllikeit goddess
Framerguy, they where ugly then, and they are ugly now. I can not believe the stuff I have been missing. I had no clue I was as blind as I was. Truly an amazing operation.

I am the suplier for Gallery Systems in the US and I hope it's appropriate for me to respond in this way.

I was interested to see all of your observations on hangings systems. A couple of points regarding our system: As far as yellowing or brittleness of the nylon tape with age is concerned, in the 10 years I've been selling this product I've not had a single complaint of deterioration (altho it's a question that often arises at the buying stage). We're quite confident about the tape's durability so if enybody did encounter deterioration, we'd be happy to replace.

Another problem that has been mentioned with respect to flexible hanging systems is that, with small pictures, there can be a tendency for the piece to tilt. There are ways to take care of this. First, have the attachment point on the picture as high up as possible; second, with small pictures we use a weight to increase the tension on the tape or wire; and third we sometimes use velcro to fix the tape or wire against the back of the top of the frame (NOT against the wall).

I'd be happy to explain more if anybody wants to call me at 800-460-8703.
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