Hanging Question


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 11, 2003
Portland, Oregon
A technical question on hanging a 25 x 56" mirror. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.
Client had two, straight, framed mirrors, used Nielsen 97 profile, size: 25 x 56", hangs vertically. I supplied my client with security hangers for both. First mirror installed beautifully. Second mirror, however, did not. My client encountered a pipe directly in the path of where the second mirror is to hang. How close can you place the brackets on the frame and still have enough support? Or is there another method of hanging the mirror from the side rails?
Again, any help you might offer will be greatly appreciated.
Are you saying the pipe was inside the wall, or on the surface?

Frame-Tek's security hangers -- the black wing-type thingys -- are suitable for most jobs, and will support a lot of weight. What was the problem?
Hello Jim:
The pipe was on the inside of the wall; where I placed the hangers on the top rail was in the direct line of the pipe. Since you cannot use just one hanger, I was curious how close you could put the hangers together (on the frame) and still have enough support. Does that clarify? It is so hard to describe these situations with out drawing a diagram :confused:
I will look at Frame Tek's security hangers-thanks for the suggestion. Does Wallbuddies make a security hanger for metal frames? My thought was the hangers in the corner of the frame would solve the problem.
I did receive a phone call that my client solved the problem by adding a third hanger-they must have found out where the pipe ended.
Thanks again for your assistance-your responses are greatly appreciated!