Hanging Heavy Mirror


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Jul 30, 1997
Leawood, Kansas USA
I'm doing a mirror 37" x 70", nice chunky-sized moulding. I'm thinking Z-Bar or SuperCleat from United, but there's another product called Heavy Duty Hangman which looks like it may be the same thing except wth a level.

Anyone have any experience with this product or know anything about it?
I have used the z-bar and the hangman. both work.

The Hangman I had was a little stronger and the level adds an nice easy touch. I stock a few of the Hangman hangers in two lengths now for just this situation.
Thanx, Cliff. I think I'll order the Hangman.
Hangman products are much more forgiving than EZ Bar due to the angle of engagement. The drawback is the short lengths. We double them up and sometimes put them on the top/bottom (like in bathrooms) to keep them flat to the wall. Especially when the bottom is next to a spach and we can't get a wrench underneath for security hardware.
I have a question ...are these hanging methods typically for just the top of the frame, or do you use these strips on the bottom as well?