hanging hardware for plastic/polystyrene moulding


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
A customer came in to ask me to put a wire on his pre-framed art either bought at a yard sale or big box. It looked like wood, but when I went to do my usual thing, I noticed that the moulding is I guess polystyrene. We do not carry this type of moulding so I am not sure as to the types of hardware that will work. I am guessing that it is 16 x 20. Will a one or two holed hanger with screws work? THANKS!

Whispering Woods Gallery
Holland PA
Ron et al.

What about adding a dab of glue on the screw threads for a little extra holding power? Kinda like Locktite for auto repair.
We sell a fair amount of plastics and don't do anything differently than our wooden frames

I would like to hear fom others that use plastics

Do either of Ron or Bob Doyle use this product?
As a distributor of polysterene moulding, I would treat it like any wood moulding. Unless you are framing a large picture or mirror (36 X 48 or larger) there shouldn't be any problems.
Bob, I have used polystyrene. It's a tad different to saw and join, but the hanging hardware that works with wood (WallBuddies or Super Hangers) works fine.

I haven't used any for a while, but will probably give it another look - perhaps at the TC open house in May.
Thanks to all of the "Polystyrene Experts" out there! I appreciate your replies. I will treat like any wood moulding.

Ron-We used the stuff way back when and found it greatly lacking.

But,a few years ago, our good friend, Jim Miller, suggested that we give it another look and we did with great results.

We use it widely for preframed art and a little custom. It is a superior option for issues where price point is a factor and allows us to compete very effectively with a lot of those "non-traditional" competitors that have "stealing" market share.

Omega and Universal have lines that we use and offer great choices. We received some great samples from Wall Bros also that looked great.

I do not do any framing,so I spoke to those that do and they all told me they treat them exactly the same as any wooden mouldings.

Ron, what do you do differently?
Bob,it's been a while. The stuff I got was from Bendix. The fake woods looked good and the fake golds looked fake.

I remember it had a tendency to melt when sawing, but I think that was controllable by adjusting the feed speed. And the glue I used for joining was more like an plastic model glue. I'm quite sure I v-nailed it. It's more flexible than wood of a comparable profile, so I'd allow for more width or get creative with the backing to strengthen it.

I probably wouldn't throw the scraps in the fireplace.