Hanging frames in a grid pattern


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Oct 26, 2004
Wayzata, Minnesota
Twentyone 12 x 14 frames, in a small wood moulding, that will be hung in a grid pattern.

Any suggestions about the type of hanger to use?

I would like something that could be adjusted on an x,y axis.

I've never used Wall buddies but they don't look like they will allow small adjustments up & down and left & right. Am I wrong?

I would like to find a hanger that would make it easy for my customer to hang without a lot of precision measuring tools.

Hangin 21 frames in a precise pattern? Without lots of precision measuring tools? Wallbuddies, of course.

They DO allow small adjustments in both dirctions. But, lets be real - hanging 21 frames precisely without tools is probably IMPOSSIBLE. Laser level, tape measure, pencil and hangers - that's about all needed.

That's why we CHARGE for installation services...
I vote for wall buddies and a lazar level too!
With that said I believe I saw some hangers in United's catalogue that allow you to do micro adjustment via a screw sort of like a turnbuckle. Don't have catalogue at home but click on their header here on the Grumble, or maybe Peter will come along and advise you.
jPaul - I think you're talking about HookUps. They're a very nice product and allow adjustments on the vertical axis, but not side to side.

They might be a good idea in this application because they could accomodate variations in where the hardware was attached to the frame.

Until there were Wallbuddies, we used double sawtooth hangers and matboard templates. And charged $80 an hour, one hour minimum, in 1990.
Use Frameware's Frameloc system or traditional security hardware, without the locking screw (T-Screw) on the bottom. The small amount of additional work in the beginning will save you or your client alot of work maintaing the look, of the "Grid" in the future.