hanging at an angle?


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Feb 13, 2006
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I have a customer who would like her mirrors I framed to hang so that the top is about an inch from the wall, the bottom flush. They are 23x27, so they are not super heavy. Suggestions?
It's almost hard NOT to have the top pitch out an inch.

I had to get a 2 1/2" pitch in the bathroom of my shop for ADA compliance.

I just screwed a piece of wood to the top rail and hung with a little extra wire. And don't forget to put bumpons on the bar!



(sorry, but I needed practice posting photos)
She just came in, the issue I was having is she does not want a wire going across it. Strap hangers alone will hold it too close to the wall. Her solution, wire loops on each strap hanger to give it more freedom to lean.
Do wire loops from D-ring hangers and put a short piece of wood at the top to make it hang outwards.

OBTW, I personally think that the wire on the piece in the photo is WAAAAAAY to tight. Much stress on both the wire and the D-rings.
Check out the FACTS standard on hanging stuff with wire at www.artfacts.org click on "Standards"
Eric, I noticed that you used #5 wire which is rated for 35lbs as well as the closured D ring which are rated at 45lbs per set. With the Studio moulding weighing in at only 2.3lbs and the plate mirror at 14.834lbs plus the paper and hardware adding another .321lbs.....

Don't you think with a combined weight stress load of 17.555 on the fulcrum of 2/16.5 and a lateral load of 74grams that just possibly you should consider tightening the line tension just a bit more?

Wow, I guess I am learning a bit more than just posting photos!

I never really absorbed every catagory of the FACTS stuff. Shameful, I know. Thanks Greg for the reminder!

I am using 2 hooks (you can just see 'em in the second pic) BUT they are not far enough apart to get the ideal 60 degree angle on the wire. However - the wire is longer than it seems in that pic, steep angle and all.

And that's no ordinary 35 lb. #5 wire - it's Super SoftStrand #5 rated for 43 lb.!
It's a shame that everything seems to come down to FACTS supporters vs FACTS detractors.

I would think there would be something in there for each of us to learn from - unless you already know everything.
It's OK Ron.

Maybe Baer doesn't mean to detract from the importance of standards. Maybe that's just his unusual sense of humor kickin' in.