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Hanging A Framless Mirror

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2002
Everett, WA
Hate to let things go out of here without a frame but customer is buying a 10 X 34 X 3/16 mirror with 1" bevel from us and wants me to hang it for her without a frame. Local glass shop has several options from plastic clips to metal channels with spring clips. Does anyone have a preferred method for doing this sort of thing? :rolleyes: Mastic is out.
Ummm, Velcro? WWMD? (what would Micheal's do?!)

Drill four holes in the glass and use stainless steel screws with rosette shaped clear plastic washers?

Tell them you feel safe only suggesting using a frame, can't guarantee their safety otherwise. Give them four picture hangers and wish them luck!

Actually since it sounds like they're gonna use it as a closet door mirror. You could suggest the mirror hangers, or canvas offsets. The steel offsets are better than the plastic mirror hangers that the hardware stores carry. I'd prefer a brushed silver neilsen 15 for safety but the choice is theirs!
Run away!!!!

IF there is no frame, sell it to them but don't install.

I fyou do instal charge them through the nose like a glass company would.
Oh please, ... These are hung in bathrooms all day long!

use the metal mirror "hooks" for the bottom. They look like 'J' from the side and one or two screws go in the wall at the back of the 'J'. With a beveled mirror the "hook" tends to be a little too wide so look for the plastic sleeves that fit in. Use 2, 3, or 4 depending on width of mirror.

Then get those "pretty" plastic holders for the top. They sometimes come in "designs."

Use wall anchors for the screws.

Velcro ain't gonna do it. J-mould and clips, the only way.

But find the studs :eek:
Thank you all for the suggestions!