Hanging 40 x 60 Gatorboard


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Feb 11, 2003
Portland, Oregon
Anyone have any ideas?
I have images mounted onto 40 x 60 gatorboard and need a method of hanging them for an exhibition. I tried gluing plastic adhesive hangers with silicone but they did not hold. I am thinking offset clips or clear mirror clips as to not interfere with the images.
Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks!
Glue a wooden strip to the back and hang from d rings or wire (or Wallbuddies) The strip can be made from lattice.
I guess it would help to know which thickness of GatorBoard and which finish.
Hi Wally:
It's 3/6" with a smooth finish. Can I use leftover stretcher bars? I have to complete the project (of course) by Monday AM. Also, what type of glue?
Thanks for your response,
We use a 1 3/4" wedge "frame" glued(white glue)to the back. We come in about 2-3" all the way around. It can be hung from the frame, a cleat or wired. It also helps to prevent warping.

Ham, Wally and Jerry:
The strip of wood seems to be holding quite well and I used Elmers. I will attach d-rings and wire after the glue is fully dry.
I didn't think that Gatorboard warped. It seems pretty rigid. Any comments?
Thank you so much for your help!