Hang it over the bed


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Aug 9, 2003
setauket, ny
A customer wants to hang a 26x32 over the bed. A few months ago I hung a bigger one over my bed just to try out FrameSecure, which works great. The whole house could fall down, but I am sure the frame will still be attached to the wall. Anyway FrameSecure is only for metal frames. Anyone have any recommentations for wood frames.

I was hoping to find something like FrameSecure, where all four corners are anchored.
What a relief! I was afraid this was a thread about mirrors!

I would be remiss (and out of character) if I didn't mention WallBuddies. You could even use security WallBuddies, though I think that would be overkill unless this bed is in a public area or there is some activity, seismic or otherwise, that could physically knock it off the wall.
I love wallbuddies (thanks Ron, for turning me onto them) but I still think they are a little costly for every single job and really small jobs. They go on about 80% of my jobs.
By "over the bed" do you mean on the ceiling or on the wall above the bed? If on the wall any security system will work. Check with United they have several different styles and yes they even have WallBuddy security systems. If on the ceiling I'd pass. Liability issues ya know.
Gee, Frank, I was only joking about the mirror.

I assumed this picture was to hang on the wall above the headboard, but we ARE talking about NY state, aren't we?
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
Gee, Frank, I was only joking about the mirror.
I knew you were joking but I have been asked to do just that so I thought I had better clarify.

If these customers are so "active" that they are knocking pictures down maybe they should move the bed away from the wall a little.

I had a customer have me hang a mirror on the wall above the bed once but she wanted it tilted down a little so she could supposedly see herself from the foot of the bed. After I got it hung she knelt on the bed to check if the angle was right. I had a tough time keeping a straight face. :eek:
Once hung a HUGE semi nude over a head board for a young couple. The next day, the wife called and asked if I could come get it and swap out the glass for plexi like I had been urging the guy since he bought it.

He was in NY on business, so I did it the next day. The morning after he had got home the Pico Rivera earthquake hit at 8.1 and took all 3 of the 75 pound hooks out of the wall.

He was freakin out yelling at her "not to move. because of glass". and she was in histerics laughing at him that he thought she had snapped or needed emediate medical care......

Finally he realized that no glass had broken, the waterbed was safe and that he just needed to lift the 40 pounds of 5'x6' plex and frame off of him and his wife and that they were safe.

She smiled coy "I had Baer replace the glass with the plexi. Now aren't you glad we didn't put the mirror on the ceiling?"

She was telling me all this as she was ordering a 7'x8' frame with 1/4" plex mirror to be BOLTED into the ceiling.