Hand wrapped linen liners?


Jan 28, 2005
Salt Lake City Utah
Just wondering what the best adhesive product might be for this process. One thing that has been suggested to us is heavy wallpaper paste. Any tips, recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks- Brande
Franks Fabrics, Raphaels, Falcon East, etc. all sell different versions of basically the same product for attaching their fabrics. All of them work great. Wallpaper paste?
Wall paper paste was a relative widely used adhesive in the early 1800s till the advent of Yes! paste in the early 1930s....

Since then, much has been tried... but a roll on such as Miracle Muck or Frank's Fabric Adhesive (private labeled for others), are hard to beat on price, durability, depth of use, malubility, and clean-up.

The least expensive, and highest quality is Frank's (comes in pints, Qts, & Gallons or Gal/case). And use his system with roller, plastic bag, tray, scissors, and trim razor.

You will find yourself grabbing the ever-handy roller instead of an ATG and saving even more.

Hope this sounded more like help than a commercial... :D
I do hand-wraps, usually deep bevel, linen or silk, with my heat press and Formula 4000...no wet mounting, no mess. They come out beautiful, corners are perfect.

Here's one I bet you haven't heard, I have a customer who has a 4" ATG tape made for him and uses it for the adhesive to cover liners.
Most suppliers have them. Also check out Fosters Planning Mills out of California. Great selection of liners.