hand painted chiffon scarf

Forever Framed

Feb 21, 2002
Williams Lake, B.C. CANADA
Hi. I have a piece I need help framing. It is a 34 x 36 hand painted chiffon scarf.

It is not valuable to the customer, he just likes the look and wants it up on the wall protected from his childs hands.

I know I can't pin it like a piece of needlepoint, and I am also aware of the "buckeling" that can happen if the piece is not taunt.

I am thinking of using small pieces of stichery tape on the top of the chiffon only. Thereby letting it hang loosely. It is only getting a frame, no matting.

Does anyone think this would cause problems??

Any suggestions you can pass along would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Forever Framed -

Have you thought of a pressure mount? This is where the textile is mounted (pin or stitch) onto a padded rigid backboard, and cleaned Plexi is placed directly against the textile.

This is a general article I wrote about this
mounting method:


This link may lead you to the home page, instead of the article - if so, click on Conservation Corner at the left.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me. I'm just now gearing up for a big press mount project, so I've got it on the brain. ;)

It really does need support all the way around. either stitch it aroud the edges, or pressure mount it. Chiffon is contrary stuff, and if you don't mount it securely, it will try to crawl around.
Yes, it's a bad idea to put any kind of adhesive on the fabric.

If preservation were an issue, the adhesive residue would always be in the fabric's fibers -- future attempts to get it out would be risky, doubtful, and invasive.

But in your case, where longevity & future value are of no concern, the problems of your proposed mount have to do with appearance: A) The adhesive may bleed through & be visible on the face of the fabric; and B) The fabric might still pucker around the small areas of adhesion.

I suggest you use an overall support, and not rely on any small-area mounting method.
Looking further at this huge scarf, I have a second thought. . .

I could place a strip of the stichery tape on the back of foamcore. Then wrap a portion (less than 1")of the scarf around the foamcore, to stick to the adhesive.

This will keep it taunt, and I won't have any adhesive showing through. I also won't have to pin or sew, which I am quite nervous to do as I have been told chiffon needs a rolled stitch not a normal straight stitch.

What do you think?
I would stretch the scarf with pins.
Use silk pins for this kind of fabric, because there are skinnier than regular pins.
I streched a scarf with only 1/2" extra fabric to use.I put it in the frame with spacers and it looked great. I saw the scarf in January (was invited to a party) and it still looks like 3 years ago, when she picked it up. The framing was 34" X 34".
yes, they do put a small hole in the fabric, but like I said before, they are skinnier.
I don't like mounting fabric with any kind of adhesive. Most hole will disappier, when you rub/ wash the fabric. This will put the fibers back in there orignal place.
okay, I'll give it a go. Thank you, all, for your help.