hand finishing reading material


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Mar 27, 2005
Hey there I'm looking for recommendations for some good books on hand finishing techiques. Something that covers in depth traditional finishing techniques for picture frames, such as sgrafitto, waxing, japaning, etc.

I many good quality books, but I'm looking for something that presents techniques in a historically accurate manner. Beyond basic finishing.

Good luck Steph. There are many of us who have been looking for those text books for decades.. unfortunately they died.

Best to start going back through all the past articles of PFM. Gina has done a great job of getting many up on their website for a free down-load.
You also might try old book stores. They even have a network where they post wants and other stores will respond if they have anything. I found an old book printed locally in a small run this way. It took a year for it to pop up, but there it was.
great idea guys, after reading baers post I was thinking about a bookstore we have in Saratoga that specializes in old books, have found some pretty interesting things there in the past
surely there are some websites that deal withold/out of print stuff(that are actually useful)????
I have a wonderful book at home and will check the name of it over the weekend. Covers all kinds of finishing techniques from stains to gilding to japan finishes.