Hand Finished Frames


Grumbler in Training
Aug 9, 2003
Just wondering if many people hand finish their frames like Liming, Staining and Painting them.
And if so how do you do them in the length or in the frame?
Never sure which is the best way to go about it.
When I do hand finishing, I like to fill the corners before applying the finish. It looks more like 'closed corner' frames. Your customers will love it. It is faster and easier to finish the length before cutting and joining.

Welcome to the Grumble FrameBoyUK!
As wholesale frame manufactures and we do all our stained frames using length. Staining the frames after they are joined leaves the corners much darker then the rest of the frame, an undesireable result.
By and large most of the rest of our frames, the crackled, ageworn, primitives, checkered, grained, etc. are hand painted and accented after the frames are joined.
Having said that, we do wholesale lots of age worn & primitive styles in length moulding & they do work very well.
Stain or dye in the length, hand finish in the closed corner.

Especially liming, waxing and antiquing acryl or oils & japaning. Nothing builds the look like what is trapped in the corners and "flaws".