Hanamua Bay art print request

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
"DROP EVERYTHING! And look for a needle in a haystack!"

This is my UNtimely request from a customer (this would be called FULL SERVICE!):

"Print of Hanamua Bay in Hawaii - a very popular place".

Well, not so popular because my usual sources don't seem to carry any prints of this area.
Should any of you be taking a much needed break to read the latest on TG, and have knowledge of a source, your help would be greatly appreciated!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL..........and I hope your "midnight oil" is in full supply!
Maybe because it's spelled Hanauma?
Gee David.........
I checked the spelling via a search on the net and MOST of the sites have it spelled Hanamua.

I'll have to try another search with your spelling. Oh, those vowels!!!
If your customer wants to provide some $$ I personally would volunteer to fly there, take a hotel, shoot some fantastic photos, bring them back and let them choose! :D ....Seriously, hope to take the kids and wife there in February to replace the trip we were supposed to take in November, except my dad had a stroke....Strike one holiday...Hey maybe they want to pay for my airfare?
GEE everyone!! Thank you for all your great help at this busy time of year! You cease to amaze me! But I'm just wondering if this experience hasn't been an 'emotional getaway' for all of us! Well, we can DREAM, eh?

Though, I think Phoneguy is working REAL hard at making this turn into a reality - without a doubt! GO FOR IT!!!!!

Thanks again to all.........
Tickets are booked (again), hotels are booked (again), vacation time is booked (again)...at least I think so, better check...Waikiki for 3 nights, Maui for 7, then back to reality....Can't wait (again). Actually there is still one bag in our bedroom that hasn't been unpacked from the aborted trip. I wonder if that means my wife is looking forward to going (again) :cool:

Unless something bad happens we are definately outa here (in February).