hadn hel mat cutters


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Mar 27, 2005
I'm looking for a recommendation on a hand hel mat cutter. I need to create some pretty design unique mats that I can't do on the table top, or cmc completely...any suggestions
I've tried several of them, but always go back to the xacto knife used a la Brian Wolf...
I use my exacto knife for fine stuff, but use an old Alto hand cutter for many projects. The trick is to practice, practice, practice and keep plenty of sharp blades at the ready.
Steph we all have to be comfortable with whatever we use so there is going to be a lot of differances.
Still another thing that needs consideration is how you intend to do your cutting.

I have seen and attemped to use a bunch. The Exacto knife is capable of makeing very fine cuts as Betty suggest .However we all don't have the dexterity of Brian or maybe Betty.

I have tried The Alto,The Cube, The Free Grover ,the Dexter and even the DexterMini cutters. I setteled on the Dexter as the weapon of choice with final cuts made with an exacto. This is because I choose to cut from the rear of the mat so that any pencil markings I make don't leave smudge marks as the cutter drags over them. Also because My Big clumsy hands that are devlopeing Arthritis don't accomodate a small cutter that may need to be pushed with my fingertips.

The biggest draw back to this method and choice is that you must remeber to not cut too close to any other cut( about 1/4 inch) so as to allow for the doubled bevel effect of the two cuts on the front which aren't readily visible from the rear.Then I use the Exacto to finish up the cuts from the front where i can see everything and the Exacto tip allows much closer cutting. Also the Dexter is probaly the largest of the cutters and you have to watch your cuts in the small notch to the left of the cutter where the blade is set, It also has an advantge of being Chrome which doesn't accumulate the graphite of any pencil marks as the plastic does of the Alto and Cube or Freegrover if you make extensive cuts.

Of course Brian is the man and if you can perfect his technique the Exacto solves all that. But you do have to make multple cuts to go through the mat to achive the smooth Faceted cuts that Brian's work is known for.
Most Consumers are satisfied with considerably less perfection .Just don't make my mistake and Hang one of Brian's mats in the shop.LOL
Mine pale by comparison as seen in the Design segment here of TFG in Buddy's Picture Gallery.Rothfwlmao
We've used a cube cutter for years and have always been happy with it. However, it's very hard on little womanly pre-arthritic fingers because it's so small, so I always had to wrap my fingers with tape or something of the sort to give them the extra support I needed.
I thought long and hard about putting "The Cube" in the shadow box with the Dexter that is Siliconed in there...[just joking about the silly-cone]

but before I could make my up my mind, it pi$$ed me off one last time and I opened the front door and threw it as far down the street as I could.

I must have bounced 12 times before it hit the transit bus.

Over the years I have learned to carve mats with X-Actos, #12 notched, and utility knives....

Once you get the hang of it, programing a CMC seems kind of silly.
Baer - you're lucky it didn't bounce up and stab the bus tire and flatten it - or you'd REALLY have a reason to hate it! LOL!!!
Actually the driver is one of our customers. She just waved as she went by laughing.

She came in that Saturday and asked what had got me so mad.... I had retrieved the dumb cube and it did work better... beat-up, but better. LOL

When she came in last month and saw our new CMC, she started to laugh hysterically...

When she could finally talk, she said "make sure it's my day off when you get pi$$ed of at it." :D
Sorry Baer I should have known better when I posted -However we all don't have the dexterity of Brian or maybe Betty- and made that-However we all don't have the dexterity of Brian and Baer or maybe Betty.

What ever was I thinking when I forgot the other man?
now THAT'S funny Baer!! If I was her I wouldn't worry though - that thing weighs a ton! LOL!!

I'd like to see you throw it down the street and watch it bounce! LOL!!
Only thing that would bounce would be my <strike>sacraliliac</strike> <strike>spinal collum</strike> back.
dumb spellcheck.
Thanks all for the always education and humerous posts. I looked at my topic heading in horror...in case you didn't notice I am not the best typist :eek:
Actually Steph It just proves that post about how most people read things from certain letters and not the entire word or even entire sentances.

I know that post and concept made Capt. English Cringe, but then with some of us She gets a lot of practice.LMAO. But Look how may replied correctly before you even thought about apologizeing. WE ALL KNEW EXACTLY what you meant.Didn't we???