Guy Buffet Print

Bob Courtney

Grumbler in Training
May 25, 1999
Macon, Ga. USA
Help!!!!!! I saw a Guy Buffet print or painting about 2 years ago that featured 5 chefs standing around a rooster. The rooster was on a cutting block and was looking back at the chefs knowing that his time was near. One chef had a cleaver , one had a knife,etc.. and each had a grin on his face. By chance has anybody seen, heard of or possibly have this print hanging in their kitchen. If so.....does it have a name on it.? Would it be possible to post a picture of it. Maybe I was dreaming. I would appreciate any help.
Thanks, Bob C.
I looked in my poster resources and couldn't find anything as you described.

Good luck in your search.
Marco Fine Art was a distributor for Buffett's work. You might want to check with them if they are still around.