Barb Pelton

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Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
Now that you guys have given to me, I will try to return the favor in a small way.

Of course, most of you probably already know about GuruNet which is just about one of the coolest tools I've ever come across.
In short, it allows you to access dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, etc. for any work in a Windows based program by clicking on it while holding down the "Alt" key.
Free download, or an upgraded version for $39.00, I think.

This is very cool.

It only covers 638,000 topics!!

That isn't even a tenth of what most framers know about things! ;)

Can't you find anything BIGGER???

FGII, (thirsting for knowledge)
This IS pretty cool.

BTW do the guru net thing on the word {b}BARB[/b] and see what you get...

Sure - click on Framerguy and you get....framerguy

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"Framerguy" - Simply Indescribable!!