Lance E

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Oct 31, 1999
Hamilton, New Zealand
For kwite some time this project has been on my "to-do" list, a few years in fact...

Finally it is complete and I thought I'd share it for those who may have once heard me comment "Gumboots, I'm gonna frame some gumboots!".

Don't ask why, I just did.

so what is this gumboot used for or shant i ask? it must be a southern thing, hemispere that is.
looks nice, but not sure what it is.

Don't see any gum on the bottom of that boot. So, I give up. For what purpose does one wear them? That particular pair looks as though they have been put through some rough work.
kinda look like what we call barn boots in Pennsylvania. Never had a desire to frame any though.
uhhhhh, nice job, Lance.
I'm gonna take a SWAG (Scientific Wild @ss Guess) and say they're called gumboots because they're made of gum rubber.

Since there are a lot of sheep raised in NZ, I imagine that's what they were used for. Wore a few pair out myself when I was growing up. But on account of cows and horses. No sheep in Johnston County back then.
These would be a big hit in my new stomping ground, Robert's Creek, on the Sunshine Coast, which centers around the Gumboot Cafe. The district is otherwise known as Gumboot Nation.


"If it weren't for your gumboots where would you be
you'd be in the hospital or infirmary"
Gumboots black, white and all colours between
The strangest yet hardy boots you have ever seen
You see them on children, you see them on Grannys
Fireman, Doctors, Freezing Workers, Farmers
Everyone has a pair or two, because of their hardiness

In the town I lived in, in Central North Island
We used the humble gumboot as our slogan
There is a gumboot throwing contest Easter Tuesday each year
Men's size eight and throw it as far as you dare
I do not know if you can visualise and imagine
Gumboots do not have very good direction

It will sail like an over heavy boomerang
Which you can never expect it to come back again
When the competitions were first introduced
There were no nets up to protect the spectators
Gumboots flew in all directions without a care
Don't forget to done on your headwear!

The Gumboot throwing is now in the Guiness Book
Many people are having a go or come to look
What use to be a serviceable rubber work boot
Has become very famous because of a hoot.
"If it weren't for your gumboots where would you be?
You'd be in the hospital or infirmary."

Amanda_NZ ©
March 2000
The white variety is kwite common locally with the commercial fishermen in the fishing village of Mayport. They are also worn by the fish mongers and cutters in the packing houses. They are known locally as Mayport Wingtips.

I bought my first pair in Kodiak AK (brown, Uniroyal) to tromp around the humid forests after almost ruining a new pair of Maine Hunting boots. They cost me $14.95 and lasted about 20 years.

I bought my second pair (black...formal gumboots) to wear surf fishing in the winter.

Nice display box Lance.