Guess who's coming to dinner?? (Pitty Pat's)

Barb Pelton

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Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
I'd rather not guess, so let this be the official thread for Sat's (9-11) dinner at Pitty Pat's Porch. I've made a tentative reservation for 6:30 , but I need a closer "head count". (For now, I told them to plan on 30.)

I'll post directions to the restaurant, if anyone needs them, later. They faxed me a copy of the menu if anyone is interested--I'll post part of it if anyone needs that info.

Ok--let the RSVP begin.
I usually head off to bed about 9:30 so a dinner from nine to eleven will be tough...but who's a trooper here? :D

Thanx for stepping up, Barb! I have to check on a vendor dinner but will try to change it!

Cathie, it must have been past your bedtime when you read read Barb's post.

Dinner is at 6:30 on Saturday, 9/11 (September 11) not 9-11 p.m.

I was going to appoint you as my proxy, but now I'm afraid you might not be able to find the restaurant.
Barb, thanks for taking charge.

I'll be there; Captain English is staying home to feed the cats.


In case anyone needs to know this: PittiPat's is within walking distance of the Convention Center so transport is not a problem.
I would love to come and meet everyone, I just have to talk my husband into it.
Have you all met before or is this something new?
And if you have about how many usaully come?

Thanks for making that clear, Ron! Yes the time is 6:30 on Sept. 11th. Leave it to me to take something simple and make it a little "unclear"! :rolleyes:

Jennifer, I've gone to 2 of these in the past and I guess it's been a tradition for the past few years. The times I've gone there has been between 25-30 people. It's fun because it takes a bit to get the faces matched up to the Grumble names, and sometimes their "real" personalities are somewhat different than what you previously perceived by their posts!

Address: 25 International Boulevard

I can't really give directions until I look at a map. I'm one of those people that know how to get there, but can't tell someone else. Here are some psuedo directions for the anxious: If you walk through the Centennial Park, stay on International, you'll pass a public parking lot on your right, and then Pitty Pat's about 2 more blocks somewhere on the left. It's right before you get to a parking garage. If you come to a corner that has the Hard Rock Cafe and Macy's, then you've gone too far. ;)

Better directions later.
I would love to come to dinner but have FACTS committee meetings every evening and morning. Hope everyone is coming to the annual FACTS meeting, World Congress Center, Sunday 8am room C-211. The food at Pitty Pats is very good, but very fattening, (darn!!) good Southern cooking can be. I encourage people to come because these dinners are always fun. Don't forget the Hitchhiker gathering in the Omni hotel also. People never look like you think they will.

Nona Powers, CPF
Oh, gosh, now I want to go.
The PittyPats dinner (two years ago!) was so fun.
It was such a delight to meet all the old timers on TG as well as the new kids on the cyberblock.
Heck, I was there when BarbP was a 'new kid' on TG. Can you even imagine...?
Maybe I will check into flight prices.
Stay tuned, I ain't makin' no promises yet...

edie the hatestomissaparty goddess
Sorry, Barb. I was being a smartmouth. Didn't think I'd ever confuse the Grs as they are always fast on the uptake. I know it's 6:30 and will cease being silly.

Are we going to try to get a larger area so we can move around to see everyone? Those squoozed into the corner have it tough!
I am still so green with envy. I want to be there in the worst way. However, I will be out of town the next weekend for my CPF Exam preparation class. The following week-end is the Gemini Moulding show in Chicago. Not too long after that, I will be leaving town again to take the exam (Mid-October) and shortly after that is the PPFA Convention in Chicago.

So, you can all talk about me and what a great person I am; and about all the stress I am going to under to take this exam so close to the Christmas rush and all. heheheheheh

Seriously, I have such great memories of last year.

Have a great time!!!

I'm planning on me and the missus coming too.
Wally and the Framerguy will be there.

I may have to physically drag the two of them down the street but they'll be there.

i will be at the show, but i think i am just going to the omni for drinks. i am bringing my gal with me, so we will just go there for a bit then somewhere for her. she thinks i am a framing dork, so i am just happy she is going.

but will there be ribbons for grumblers at the show? so if i see someone there i can talk to them????
She thinks you are a Framing Dork? So you are going to bring her to the Omni? So she can see for herself that it could be worse? Or that you are not unique in your dorkdom? Should we feel flattered or insulted? hehehehehehehehheheehehe
i think you guys dont need to worry, i am a real big dork by myself. by going to the omni i can hang out with a few people and have some fun. maybe with a drink or two she will not think i am such a dork. that is not possible, because i did ask her to get married at the convention. she was not too enthused with this.

anybody know of anyplace cool i could take her, not related to framing. we will fly in late friday, i will spend saturday at the convention, so something on sunday? we will need to leave for the airport by 2pm on sunday. i went to the High Museum last time and was not impressed. that is all i got to see besides framing things. i dont eat meat if someone was thinking restaurants.

thanks guys
It's times like this that I wish I was still in the business! I'll miss meeting the new faces attending, and I'll miss catching up with those I already know. I am happy to see that Barb took up the responsibilty of putting a dinner together. It is alot of fun, and not to be missed!

Barb, the last two years I had "extra" people show up. You might want to plan on an extra five or so more, just in case.
Let me clarify-it's the socializing I miss. I work in my old shop one-two days a week. It is so nice to see someone else running around and dealing with the day to day problems and aggrevations and realizing THEY AREN'T MY PROBLEMS AND AGGREVATIONS ANYMORE!
Andy and I plan to be there also. Sounds like a fun time!


PS: I promise I won't bring a laptop with me!
Me and my bride intend to be there. I have classes from open to close with 30 minute breaks between and the last ending at 6:00. So I might be a mindless zombie but hey you only live once right?
Mom and I were there last year. Barring any unforseen events we will be there again this year, so throw our name in the hat for 2.

I did answer that question, sort of, on another thread awhile back. The Grumbler ribbons are kept behind the registration desk where you check in/get your badge holder. Just ask them for the green Grumbler ribbon and they should give you one. (That is if they have them this year!)


P.S. If they don't have them this year, I'll let you wear mine.

(I hate to see a sad framer.)

Sign us up for 3 seats please. We had a great time last year and are looking forward to seeing everyone again!

The gang at FrameReady.

(Thanks for thinking of us Leslie!)
I wanna go!!!! But, with my recent shop move and new stuff that has to be done and purchased, can't swing it this year! I know all of you will have a blast. Enjoyed meeting so many of you a couple of years ago in Atlanta.
This is my first time at the Atlanta event. So what's the deal with Pitty Pat's (being named Patricia, I want to know what I am getting myself into)?
Welcome, tique1228!

"PittyPat's Porch" is named after Aunt Pitty Pat from "Gone With the Wind" fame. It is a very Southern restaurant with good food and wonderful service. Shall I put you down on the list?

We have about 28 so far, and we will be in a larger room than previous years.
Reservations were made in my name (Pelton), since the lady was having a bit of difficulty with "Grumblers". (I told her to please put down a note that some may forget "Pelton" and ask for the Grumbler group.)

Pam, you will be missed. "Thank You" for the suggestions!

(Edie, I have you down so please don't disappoint us all!)
Maybe these directions are a little better than the first ones I posted:

If you are walking:
Leaving the Georgia World Congress Center, you will travel East, past the Philips Arena and past Centennial Olympic Park. I believe it's 3 blocks east of Centennial Park, just past Spring Street NW. PittyPat's Porch will be on the North side of the street.

25 Andrew Young International NW
(aka: 25 International Blvd)

If you insist on driving, then here's a map to help you manuever those pesky one way streets:


Here's their phone number, just in case you are completely lost and need directions.
(404) 525-8228

It's not to late to decide to join us!