guess sales are picking up


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Jun 6, 2004
heard through the grape vein that the Larson Juhl warehouse in Houston beat a record for single day sales. A Whooping $250,000 in a single day. Just thought it was an interesting little fact.
That's more than most Home Depots....

Doing some fast math.... that would be about $213,000 in pure profit :D
a hint to LJ - the academie line was sold out of stock nationwide - customers like this line and in this price range - they need to give us more options like it. I have sold this line to customers that would have normally walked out because of budget reasons as well as selling their highest end lines. People like te choices and I like to be able to sell custom to all budgets.

Merry Christmas,

first year for us to have the C'mas rush rush, lovin it, but also hating it

:D :D
The problem is that half of this went to Michaels and Jo~Ann's.
Hmmm, sold out you say? ... Anyone looking for some? No more than 1 1/2 times the price! ;)

I've been buying box quantity Academie from the beginning in each color and the two smallest sizes, as well as the third largest gold. This is by far my best selling line here in New England.

It looks good and the price is right for a lot of people. Also, I've been able to sell the new Monterey leaf'd line to customers that want to "be compatible" but have something "a little better." Makes for a great "companion" line!$!

Those Nurres you told us about are doing well. We bought 3 boxes and already sold out of the larger size. Studio 26101 also does well here as a box price salesaver, and has nearly sold out.

Elaine: L573235 (academie) and ST45822 are very similar if you need a replacement. The Studio is 1/2" wider and 7 cents per foot more.

Yeah, I used three boxes of the 1" Nurre since September myself. It makes a nice "sale saver." I can usually get someone into a flat black rather than let them go off looking for ready mades somewhere else.

But, the LJ Academie fits that nice "I want it to look colonial, but not too expensive" look that these New England Yankees want.
AMEN about the Nurre Architectural line - we DON'T BUY BOX but I think we're on our 4th one with 2 more on the way.

Studio 27501 has made us a good bit of money this year, too. Oh yeah, we just ordered another box of that stuff, too.

I also got to agree with the profit potenial of the Nurre Architectural line. Just sold a five frame package tonight for delivery on the 24th because I had it in stock.
Also bought some LJ clearance for .20 - .40 cents per foot. Nice money makey. Sold a frame job yesterday for $89.00. Had six foot of moulding at .20cents a foot, double mat out of fall out and scrap piece of glass. Let's see, that's about $1.20 in actual material and the rest out of the scrap pile. Nice!