Grunble photos how please?


Here, in most general terms, is how you post photographs to The Grumble:

  1. Find a host. Your internet service provider may have some server space available to you as part of your plan. Microsoft, maybe Yahoo, Photobucket and others have free space available to host photos. Anyone with a website may have more server space than they can possibly use.</font>
  2. Upload the photos to the host. How you do this will depend on the host. Some with have built-in utilities to facilitate this. Others will use a program called FTP (file transfer protocol.)</font>
  3. Copy the resulting URL address for the image.</font>
  4. Click on the Image button under Instant UBB Code in the full reply form when you post.</font>
  5. Paste the image's URL address into the image pop-up window.</font>
Before you imagine that this sounds impossibly complex, consider this: Emibub does it all the time.

No offense, Kathy.
Just in case I over-simplified:

People sometimes wonder why you can't just post the location of the image on your hard-drive. ("Here it is. Come and get it.")

This would require that you have an active internet connection 24 hours/day and that you make your computer an internet host server. This would give everyone on the internet (yes, even Less) access to your hard drive 24 hours/day.

You don't want that.

If you have a single photo you want to post, sometimes the simplest solution is to email it to me or someone else who can post it for you. (Please, no 6-gigabyte files.) If you want to do this regularly, it's worth the effort to set up a system and learn to do it yourself.
Alan, I couldn't help but notice that you have a nice website and somebody (maybe you, maybe somebody you hired) posted some photos to it.

There is probably plenty of server space available to upload photos. They wouldn't necessarily need to be visible on your website in order to host them there and post the image to The Grumble.


The URL adddress for that image looks like this:

Posting that address, without the UBB Image commands, turns it into a link.

Better stop me now. I'm on a roll.

I notice that you have a web site, so you’ve probably got a few Megs of storage floating around unused.

If you don’t maintain your own site with something like DreamWeaver or GoLive, as Ron mentioned, you will need FTP software to do the upload. Do a Google search for “FTP” and you’ll find that there are a whole lot of free software out in the cyber world.

The software instructions will walk you through how to configure it to your server (and other sites, too).

Let’s say your ISP host is named, “” and your username is “toothfairy” and you want to display an image, “cavities.jgp”.

Using the FTP server, upload “cavities.jgp” to your ISP ( It will be stored in the space allocated to you under your username, “toothfairy”.

Once on the Grumble, click the image button and when it asks you to “enter the complete URL to the image”, enter, “” and the image will display.

It sounds more complicated than it is ( … or I just make it seem so). The people who host your web site can be of some help in telling you exactly what the path name needs to be to access your files.
Oops, … it look like Ron's done a bit more homework (and did it quicker) than I.
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:cool: Rick
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Hi guys, I have a molding to match for a client and I'm hoping one of you will recognize it and tell me who the supplier is. I have an image but but no clue really how to post it here here for you to see. I haven't got a website or space on anyone's server. Any suggestions?

Long term suggestion: you can use a free photo sharing site like

Short term suggestion: email me the pic and i'll host it for you for a coupla weeks. fcgallery at yahoo dot com