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Jun 17, 2005
Manitoba, Canada
I'm not sure where I should post this - but I'm always wondering where people are from on this board.

I've set up a frapper map -hoping that the members here will put themselves on the map. Sometimes it can be confusing trying to figure out where everyone is.

hope no one has a problem with this - it's kind of a cool thing! Please check it out!

Grumblers Frapper Map
Anne -I think that it will expand when a member from another country joins. In my designers group it shows the world with people over seas.

I'll double check and see if I need to do anything special to set that up.
ok - if you look on the map on the left hand side you will see a sort of sliding scale with some arrows on it - if you click on the buttons you will see the map in different ways - it will move up or down, zoom in or out, etc. You can view the whole world this way!
Thanks, Sandra! What fun!
Interesting...I'm gonna try it to see if it'll expand to include my location..
Sorry folks! It did'nt work for me...says I'm living in an INVALID(?) city.

Pretty Cool!

Dave Makielski
Great idea. Now I can buff up on my geography too

I repositioned my marker to be exactly where the store is. It defaulted to the center of the zip. Now you can all use it to come visit! Fun.
How do you post in if your city is not recognized? I can zoom in on the map and find it. but when I enter the city name it is not found. I tried to enter the next city over which is bigger but it was not recognized either.

Originally posted by Paul N:

Don't enter a city name, just a zip code and see if that helps.
I live in Canada. It does not recognize Canadian Postal Codes, but I will try again (and again and .....)


Nope, didn't work
wow! we've got lots of people on the map! thanks for trying it out everyone!

PHone guy - what town do you live in??
James, there is a place to click, just under the address, for "outside of the US" or some such notation. If you click that, the fields change from zip code to town/city.

Now, if you type your city, a blue drop-down menu will appear, and just click on the appropriate city. For example, "Vancouver" drops down to show Vancouver Washington and Vancouver BC Canada. Click on the Canada one and bob's yer uncle.

They have also recieved some complaints that some cities are not listed. If you go to the bottom to FAQ's there is a topic listed there and you can send them the info to get your city listed.

You can also see the world map by scrolling around.
I tried New Westminster and Burnaby (I am on the New West / Burnaby border on the New West side. Neither town showed up.


edit...went on line and requested New West be added.

Kathy, I think its a framing rapper.

Steph :D
I'm not sure what it means but I think that is a good suggestion.

So....... how many of us raps in our shop as we are working??

I've been standing all day
at this table hey, hey
diggin on art comin through my door
man my knees are tired from standin on dis floor!!
Wow Thats almost as bad as my Dr Suess-esque poem about sporking my children ;)


I think we should hold a "Frapper" challenge in warped........
Same as a Henway Kathy
Frappr was created by Brian, Kun and James at Rising Concepts, who wanted to see where all their high school and college friends went after they graduated.

Frappr (Friend Mapper) lets you see the zip code where your friends live or work, letting you find out who works in the office building next door and who lives in the apartment complex across the street.
I'm in.. too cool Sandra.
I'm not sure who "owns" this board - but if they would like, we can get a link tag from Frapper - that way new members can sign up to the map when ever they want. We'll get a lot of people signing up right now - but once this post dwindles away people won't see it anymore unless they see my signature line and get curious.

Anyways - not a big deal - just wanted to let it be known that this is a possiblity.
Sandra you're the frappiest of frappers...nice work
wow - there are a lot of you in the East!

I wonder why that is - although, I realize that not EVERY frame shop is listed there - so it's not accurate by any means.

It sure is neat seeing it all mapped out!

thanks for signing up everyone! I hope that more people will continue to post their location!
ooooh! is that what it is???

We must have really high Altitude where we are too then! It's all down hill from here baby!
This is so neat! My shoutout appears twice in the callout; I must have stuttered or something.
I'm in but would like to add the other store locations. Is there any way to do this without clearing Cookies?
Log in, go to yourFrappr and click on "My Places". It will show a map with your existing locator. Zoom in/out or scoll to see the location and click. It will put another locator pin in. Then you can define what kind it is, address, etc and whether it's public or private.
Well, I think I'm on there. When I tried to exit my computer froze. Maybe its cause I tried to put us on Lake Woebegone? It's really Lake Minnetonka but with marauding Viking ships and all I didn't want y'all to get the wrong idea.
My computer has frozen both times I've been to the site upon trying to exit.

Anyone know why this might happen?
You may be freazing up due to not enough RAM. Could also be that your processor is not fast enough.
Doesn't want to know about Australian framers!
Osgood, use the arrows on the left to maneuver that map and give it time to load. I found Australia.................
Originally posted by Handy:
I'm not sure who "owns" this board
As an active participant, that's something you should know.

The owner (in a very literal sense) of The Grumble is William McKay aka framer. You'll see his name in the copyright message at the bottom of each page.

framer works behind the scenes and it's easy to forget that none of this would be happening if not for his vision and hard work. He's a frame shop owner and The Grumble is a hobby. We are all his guests here and I think, for the most part, he must be pleased at how The Grumble hums along.

He's a quiet, but benevolent, despot and he puts up with a lot of foolishness from us. He would be, in my opinion, a first-ballot shoo-in for the Hall of Frame, but most people don't know his name.

Sorry to lecture but there are some people who don't get the credit they deserve.

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This is sad, it says plain as day that I have no friends. Guess I'll take my ball and go home then.
Sister - I'm not exactly sure but I think that you should be able to fix out your stuttering callout problem. Have you tried going into your preferences??

Jim - you can feel free to call my Handy Sandy - it's better than SOME of the nicknames I'm sure I've been called over the years! LOL!! At work they all just call my Handy most of the time - unless they are mad at me...

I don't know about the freezing up part - it hasn't done it to me and I've visited there several times. I wish I could be more help with that - I'm not exactly a computer guru. Did you check the FAQ's at all??

Osgood: Someone already mentioned this - but you can scroll the world by using the arrow boxes on the upper left hand side. As for posting - if your location is not listed you can go to the FAQ's page and there is a topic heading regarding adding locations. You will need your postal code (or zip) and they also ask for Longitude and Lattitude if you know it.

Ron - thanks for the information. I guess I should read the fine and faded print more often! I don't think I've had the pleasure of actually "talking" to William yet - but I will most certainly keep an eye out for him. This is a great place to come and meet others in our occupation and I'm glad I finally decided to check it out.

I realize that you moderate as well as a few others and that's a bit of a thankless job sometimes too - but I know that it can be tough sometimes - so thank you to you and others as well!

ANd last but not least - Jeff: I think we are in the same boat - I don't have any friends either - according to the Frapper team. Bring your ball over and we'll "have a ball!!"

I'm glad everyone is having fun with this - I haven't checked it yet today (been away from my puter) so I'll have to and see how many members have signed in!