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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC
I have a bunch of sites saved in 'Favorites'.

They all load quickly, but the G is painfully slow today. For instance: I finally got it to load earlier, went to Warped(where else?), and then tried to change to the 'Main' forum, but it timed out before it would load.

I got the 'Can't connect to server' error message.

Anybody know anything about it?
It's not you - it's probably the internet provider.

The G has been up and down all morning, even at 6am EST. It was just down for about 30-45 minutes until 5 mins ago.

I believe Bill is aware of it because he was signed on the minute it came back up.

If you have the last "X" numbers days os a large number, that can slow things down.

Go to "My profile"

click edit preferences.

Change from 30 (or whatever) to 5 (or whaterver).

I also could be the cashe on your computer.

Windows has a utility to do that in accessories/system tools

defrag your system after that.


But then again, it could be The Grumble server, or the internet getting clogged at a chokepoint.

Even if it is, clear the cashe and defrag.

It will help all around to clear out your computers' head to get a fresh start.
Thanks, Marc and Mike.

I cleared the cache and then did a defrag. Seems a little bit faster now.

I have a 120 Gbit HD, and it's not anywhere full, but it WAS fragmented badly. I need to set this thing up so it defrags at least weekly.

Thanks again, guys!