Grumble Changes

Framer is still working on it to customize the user interface and convert everything over. It's a time consuming task.

He informed me that the user database, messages, and even polls will be converted from this system to the newer one.
For those of you familiar with the new system, what are the advantages over our current setup, and are there any disadvantages?
:cool: Rick
I don't mean to Frankenthread something as iportant as this .but amazeingly I just had a long email conversation with Merrill Grayson of HH about useing Plain text and HTML on HH.

It seems that if you are a AOl user and you don't change your settings for writeing Emails it will default to "Use Rich Text / HTML Editing"
which is not allowed on HH. so you have to go to the settings and uncheck it and save that setting for your messsages to accepted on HH. this is the most common reason for many messages not getting posted on HH. Is that similar to the new system on TFG?

Also Osgood emailed me and sid that non-AOL usesrs can dedicate a folder for those numerious HH emails to go directly to so you know that it is a HH message with out reading it.

Merrill made all these suggestions since some were annoyed with what they felt were TOO many personal messages . he said he has no problem with short social messages it is just some few abuse this . to which he suggested going to face to face at the tarde shows and Ellen invited all to the Omni bar.Wher i said we could all share ideas about what we have in common.just i won't be there.LOL
Mike, is he going ahead with vbulletin? Will the grumble still look and function like the grumble? I'm on one forum that uses this program and I don't like it very much. It might just be the way they have it set up, but to me it seems harder to use and navigate than the Grumble. I hope Framer is able to keep the look and feel the same.
The 'look and feel' is very similar. The colors are very different. I think you'll be pleased with the fruits of his labor.

Buddy: HH uses a 1985 "listserv" technology, which broadcasts plain emails to every member in a very different method than what this forum uses. It can also send in a grouped "Digest" (once daily) format. Back in 1985, plain emails were there only kind, so it may have a problem "digesting" (understanding/processing) emails with images, attachments, fonts, colors, or other fancy doo-dads. It does the job fine, as long as these things are left out.


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Mike I don't know all the technical differances and preferances . What I was simply trying to say is that in spite of what ever difficulty we may encounter there are ways to make almost any system work better for you. and Merrill as is Bill is only too glad to help iwthin the guidlines of the given system. But I also was trying to say with any differances/preferances we may have we have a awefull lot in common and we should be glad to share.