grrrrr I'm an idiot


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 22, 2003
I'm so stupid. I have three pre-matted prints to frame. I was 'carefully' cutting the "certificate of authenticity" that was taped to the back of the prints. I had tried carefully removing the scotch tape. Suceeded only once.

While I was CAREFULLY slicing through the tape I make a mark that shows on the front of the print!!!!

Now, while searching for a replacement I find how outragiously over-priced these "authentic-copies" are!!

Now - can you guess who's name is on the print?

Thanks for letting me vent!
I had a customer bring in a piece that she had broken on the way home. Huge piece, cheap price, glass got in a "twist" and "snap" broken glass, with scratches all over the print.

We took it apart, touched up all the scratches enough to "camouflage" the places, (then added plexi.) She couldn't tell where the scratches were.

I've used several things to hide scratches, etc, like touch up markers, pastels, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and even plain ole graphite (pencil.)

You'll always see the repair, but they never will.

I have had similar issues... and a little touch up here and there is rarely noticed. I have done some at the customer's request for damaged pieces and in the rare (ahem) occassion that I have injured a piece and it is negligible.

I think we need a private part of the forum for our "Tricks of the Trade".... shhhhh, in case someone is listening...

What I have done which I hate is forgetting to look on the back of an ordinary poster or print and find that after I drymount - there WAS a label that I forgot to remove. I have been successful in removing if it's in the corner where it usually has been... but it makes me work up a real sweat over it!!

Get the "tools" out and go for it!!

Roz - excellent idea on the Tricks of the Trade
It could be called "I'm an Idiot and then I fixed it"

My concern of touching up is that the touch up won't fade/age like the original and THEN it will be very noticable.
Roz -
You might try backing the "artwork" w/ black foamcore. Sometimes marks on the back of a print will show thru when using white foamcore.
So valuable, in fact, that it only gets 40 matches on ebay for this particular rare item! (give or take the few cup and saucer sets with the rare image upon them) ;)