"Grotto" frame

Terry Hart cpf

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Sep 23, 2003
Excelsior, MN
Finally tracked this one down. I never took a picture of it (happens too often). The frame is a paper pulp and gel medium mixture that was cast into a clay mold that I made and "wrapped" onto a wood framwork. It was painted with acrylic and touches of aluminum leaf. The work is a Madonna, mixed media on paper by legendary local artist Scott Seekins.
Terry, the frame is actually breathtaking in its ingenuity and design... What did you use as backing board for the Madonna?

Thumbs up!!!
What a super piece of framing
is that a wishbone in the lower right?
I was just going to comment on the inclussion of a wish bone.... :D

Great touch Terry... breaking the wish bone is an ancient Norman superstition..(Pagen).
I was just going to comment on the inclussion of a wish bone...breaking the wish bone is an ancient Norman superstition
Yeah, I think I saw that episode of Cheers too.
Yes that is a wishbone. This frame was done at a time when I had been making fossils and it seemed to fit. There are other things in there too. Shells and angels (you can kind of make one out upper right partialy covered in silver) and probably other things too that I've forgotten. The mold is pretty basic. Just plastecine clay. Press rocks, shells, bones , angels into it, cover with release of some sort, mix paper pulp with gel medium and pack it in. Cover wood frame work with it when dry, add more pulp as needed. Seal, paint, gild, seal. I don't remember what the backround was. Probably a fabric mat with a 4ply rag buffer between it and the art.
Uh, Terry, you said you were "MAKING" fossils???

How does one go about making a fossil - I thought the procedure involved several hundreds of thousands of years and great pressure.....?
Oh no. Lots of people think that but it ain't neccesarily so. It started as a little science project designed to show that the earths fossil record could have been created at will and not neccesarily a by product of this whole messy evolution thing. It never really did gain much exceptance in the scientific community (except for that guy in Muncie. I think his "science degree" came from the back of a DC comics version of the Bible) So I thought, well, maybe its Art? That led to years of abject poverty. At that point I opted for just plain old poverty and concentrated on the picture framing business. The rest is History without any intelligent design on my part fer sure.
Sorry, I think this belongs in the Why,? Are you a picture framer thread.
Hey Angie. Thanks. Where've ya been? Don't think I've seen your posts lately.
Rest up Angie, THAT time of year is literally right around the corner... time to get your Pugs in a row...

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