Great LaMarche experience!!

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
I must share with you that I had a PERFECT order experience with LaMarche........Moulding in stock, shipped as ordered, moulding in perfect condition, and customer service and credit department staff could not have been any friendlier or professional!

Perhaps they've turned the 'corner'!!
but I don't think so.
I made a post last fall about giving them another try, since I really liked their products.
I put in 12 samples and ordered small quantities of 5. I received 2 of the 5 quantities ( the others were out of stock
Since then each month I have checked their stock on all mouldings that I carried. They gradually went out of stock on 5 more over the next several months. Last month they ran out of two that I had in stock, and I removed all La Marche from my walls. I think I gave them ample time (over 6 months) to prove themselves. Now life goes on and I am happy with the current vendors that I deal with. La Marche goes on the memory list with the likes of Victor Moulding, which I also liked to do business with.
Well, burst MY bubble!!

Guess it's just me, being my optimistic self (as Baer put it re: stock market).

I SO hoped it was a sign of permanent improvement - customers like their designs!
I too have added some lovely new mouldings......we'll see what happens, eh?
Your elation makes it sound as if this is something special and beyond the call of duty.

But this is what other moulding companies do all day, every day, week in, week out, month by month and year round.

Should LM really get extra props for just doin' business?

But that said, I had a customer find the one remaining LM sample on my wall last month and darned if it was in stock and chopped and shipped without shipping costs and without incident. I was quite nervous about it, though and took that sample down.

edie the itsamixedbagatbest goddess

p.s. I'd LOVELOVELOVE to put their samples back up. I miss it and my customers miss it. Oh well.
I heard from a reliable source the other day that a list of discontinueds was sent to a company (who I believe requested it) who had also received their new catalog. (As I suggested before with Paul 'their new line of discontinueds?!') There was from my understanding something ridiculous , like 1300 mouldings not available. It was also mentioned that there was a familial shift in the operation of the company. Is this information accurate I don't know, I'm not a fan of gossiping, but it made me wonder with the latter part if maybe in the future I could trust again. Maybe there are hopeful changes trying to take place. I hope so. Its awfully hard for a company to regain trust. Lets keep our fingers crossed.
My Omega Rep was just in here and he showed me his new line that he said was a line they purchased from LaMarche. Not sure what that means, but I didn't think it sounded good for LaMarche. It's a shame because they do/did have beautiful mouldings.

Most of the Victor mldgs (which I too love) are available through Tracy Chop.

Dave Makielski
If anyone gives them another try...

Save yourself the typing of the inevitable," I need a LaMarche moulding" post that will eventually follow and the flurry of "TOLD YOU SO" responses sure to follow.

No use in kicking a dead duck.
Framing are so very right - my other moulding companies give superb service day in and day out. They have high standards and we have great expectations.......just as our customers want from us, just as we want to deliver!

I was merely taking note of what I felt was a dramatic change and had hoped that others had noted progress from them as well.

No kicking dead ducks......if CPR (which I feel we've sorta offered) doesn't work, pronounce them!
Sherry Lee,

You say you had a great experience with a La Marche order, I say you had great luck.

It's moments like these that we all want to remember, a true Hallmark experience.

Congratulations Sherry Lee, you did what we all just dreamed about, while we made all those refunds, to all those folks, who used to be our customers.

I forgot to say in my above post, I could care less if they made a comeback, they won't get me back. Not after all the garbage they put me though.

My DonMar rep was in last week and pulled all LaMarche samples from my wall that they distribute. They've had enough as well.

My DonMar rep came in about 4 months ago to pull my LaMarche samples, but alas he could not find one ;) . One of my customers, several years ago, decided to frame a grouping of photos in a LaMarche moulding and said he would eventually have 6 more, all the same size, so I told him we should order all the frames up front, so the batch would match in the future and in case it was ever discontinued. He came in 4 weeks ago to order fill the last frame, and had decided to add 2 more. Uh oh. Checked availability and as luck woukd have it, they still had some! So I placed my first order in 9 months. 1 of the two came in damaged and of course the finish didn't match so well. Can't say I didn't warn him!