great day


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 1, 2005
Maple Valley, Wa
Man we had a great day today--I am soo pooped!
We took in 17 orders today!
It must be those Going out of Business sighns all over the windows! :(
Turned in an application this morning--wish me luck. I am really hoping this works out, close commute and a really impressive design counter, retail area. Some wonderful designs hanging on the walls. Wonder what the back room looks like--I thought it might be a little rude to stick my head in the back door!! :eek:

Off to bed now!
Have a good Saturday everyone!
Happy Framing!

Good luck to you Elsa. Don't be afraid to ask to see the work room when you get to the interview point. You may be able to give the owner some positive suggestions.
There's nothing like a going-out-of-business sign to bring in business. The first week I had mine up, I did more $ than I had the entire month before.

And, Janet is right. You will want to check out working conditions before you take a job. The manager will probably show you around when you interview.

If they don't jump at the chance to hire you, they're idiots, and you don't want to work for them anyway.
Please don't take this wrong, but (you knew there was gonna be a "but" didn't ya ;) )

Anyway, we all talk about not wanting to hire anyone with framing experience, but what about when it's us!? Surely we don't bring bad framing habits with us, do we?

It just seems weird that we don't want to hire an experienced framer, but we all ARE experienced framers. Who's gonna hire us?

(Guess that's why I'm self-employed - I'm "hardcore un-employ-able"!)


Good insight. You are awake today and probably most days (daze).

Dave Makielski
Thanks everyone!!
I am so nervouse about this job!
I so love framing and really want to continue doing it. Today one of my customers gave me her card and said "let me know where your going!"
That made me feel so good!
Anyway I will keep you all informed!