grants for conservation lectures at PPFA meetings?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 28, 2002
Vancouver, B.C., Canada
I was looking at the AIC website today, and saw that there are grants available to conservators/conservation professionals to underwrite the costs of outreach programs:

Outreach Grants:

FAIC Lecture Grants
The Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation (FAIC) provides funds toward the presentation of public lectures to help advance public awareness of conservation. Up to $500 may be used to help defray lecturer travel costs, honoraria, site fees, and publicity costs. These awards are not intended to be used for lectures associated with the AIC annual meeting. Deadlines for receipt of applications are February 15 and September 15.

If your chapter is interested in a particular subject, you might look into this. AIC could, I'm sure, give you some help locating those with the expertise you're interested in, and you could ask them if they're interested.

Thanks for the info Rebecca
Our chapter did this last fall. Or was it last spring? It was arranged by Rachel-Ray Cleveland, who is a local paper conservator and the chair of the outreach committee for the Washington area conservation guild. Anyway, we got to tour the workshop of Christine Smith, who conserved George Washington's will. She has a (to my unpracticed eye) state of the art shop. We had a really good turnout for the event. Then we topped it off with a Dutch Treat dinner and Bob Carter speaking. What a great day that was!