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Ron Eggers

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 6, 2001
You need this. If you already have it, you may want to check the newest versions.

It's a free, small utility that attaches a toolbar to your browser. Normally, I don't like extra toolbars, but this one is worth the small space it requires.

It has the Google search functions, it does translations, it blocks pop-ups AND IT HAS A SPELL-CHECK!

The spell check isn't quite as fast as ieSpell, but it works well and is easy to use.

Check it out.
I have been using it since day 1, even now that XP w/sp1 has the pop up blocker built in.

What I like about it is that it shows the PAGERANK popularity of every page you visit.
Ron, what does it check? Seriously, will it spell check the Grumble? All the other writing I do is in WP's or emails that have spell check. But, if it'll spell check the G posts, I'm all over it!

It takes a surprising long time to post with everything spelled correctly. I have to keep going over what I've written to be sure Cap'n English doesn't get me!
It'll spell check the stuff you write in your browser - like Grumble posts.

If you just want a spell check for TG, ieSpell is excellent, but the Google toolbar has many other nice features.

Need a picture of an octopus to include in a post? Use the image search button on the Google toolbar without ever leaving TG. (You need to have Google configured to open up search results in a new window, though.)


I'm probably going to live to regret mentioning this.
Say! What's that diver doing harassing that butterfly! That's the rare, endangered Marianas Trench Piscine Butterfly. Very highly protected.
Ron - where do you save it to on the computer?! Or is that a really blonde question!


All of you non-spelling folks crack me up. I never use spellcheck.
Don't even know how to. On the other hand...some sort of math wizard on the toolbar would be awesome. :D

Don't let him kid around with you. He showed that same photo to Mark and me 2 years ago on our imfamous road trip and tried to convince us it was his only near death experience in his entire diving career!!

(I'm not so sure which one is more fearful looking, the octopus or the diver.)

Dear Roz/Blondie,

You just run the installation program and trust the Google geeks to do right by you.

That's the technical explanation, but I can dumb it down for ya if ya want.
So, not to sound blonde or anything (actually, I'm grey!) - but this new toolbar replaces the original Google toolbar, right ? - my screen just keep getting smaller all the time! I wish I could squinge down all of the toolbars into eensy sizes (without "hiding" them - cause then I'll forget they're hidden and go crazy) (out of sight, out of mind) (my computer is always trying to "clean up" my desktop - I always tell it to go to Hades!)

And on that subject - (sort of) why is it that I can exit a program that I work in every day (like Word) and look at the Add/Remove section that sez I have never used the program? According to that A/R section I have never used anything! What's up with that?
Mar, I imagine the new Google toolbar replaces the old one, but you could always uninstall the old one first.

I don't pay much attention to the usage history in the add/remove programs section of the control panel. It seems unreliable. It makes it look like I never do any actual WORK with my computer. Geez!
Still haven't installed that Google toolbar? You're missing out on lots of fun.

I have mine configured so that, when I point the cursor to a word, it'll tell me the French translation. Useless, but "trés divertissant." ("Portable" is French for "laptop.")

Still mad at the French? Think they are "poulet?" You can choose Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese or one of two versions of Chinese.

Sorry, no Klingon.
Got it! Thanks, Ron.
I think Le Ronchonner sounds très beau.

We could call it Ron for short.

I seem to be feeling goofier than usual following my near-death experience <strike>Friday</strike> Thursday night driving home through the tornadoes.

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I thought I installed this toolbar---indeed, the graphic said I did and even pointed an arrow to where it should be. It's not there. I've searched everywhere, d/l'd it again: nothing. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to disable a firewall or something??

I looked in the C drive and found the application, but you can't open it, of course.

Nevermind. I looked in View/Toolbars, then clicked on it to enable. But I don't know why it didn't just automatically do that.

Kinda neat, so far. But, like Mar, my computer, with Earthlink's toolbar, IE toolbar and now Google, my screen keeps shrinking. Reckon I'll have to buy a 35" monitor...

A tip o' the hat to Cathie, too! I'd still be cussing if she hadn't told how to enable it!
How strange - the new Google toolbar just showed up on my computer! Or at least I just noticed it for the first time!

How they do that???
the google bar does replace the older one and takes up no additional space. Just some extraicons running along the bar. Now I'mcurious as to why TGshows up with no page ranking, while Drudge Report, Laura Ingram and other blogs nearly fill the page rank bar???

OK configed the image to save results. Now into which window? Yeah, you're gonna be sorry you started this one.

OK now I'm really confused: looks like the Yahoo toolbar has the same features altho I haven't dabbled with it yet. My yahoo bar sits undermy google bar, it too has a "search web" and a dropdown for "images" and all the same features as google.. Altho it's late and I have a store to run might mess with it tonite.

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Only the Main Grumble Index page (or whatever it's called) seems to ever have a page rank - and it's usually about an eighth of a bar (?) - I have noticed individual threads don't ever seem to have this ranking...

Does the ranking signify the amount of viewers at any given time? If so, I sure visit underappreciated websites!

And I sure wish there was a way to make toolbars shorter! My screen is 8 1/4 inches high and there are 7/8ths inches of toolbars below the screen and 1 5/8ths inches of toolbars above the screen!That leaves me with 5 3/4 inches of actual screen! YIKES!
The PageRank basically ranks Google's opinion of the site for link popularity, etc. It's part of the formula that determines how high a site will rank on their search engine.

The google toolbar is the only one I allow on my pc.