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J Phipps TN

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 14, 2004
Kingsport TN
I have a cusotmer who is looking for some different golf prints.

I don't normally carry any golf prints but think they may be something I need to explore.

Do any of you have any great sources you would be willing to share that have been good sellers for you?

Thanks for any info,

Larry Dyke has great prints, we carry them and they sell over others the vast majority of the time. If you don't want to go with a whole dealership agreement just for golf art you could also go with The Golf Shop Collection. We use them too. 1 800 227 8700. Image Conscious has some nice posters in their landscape section.

Yeah, I'm going to sell golf art on site today hehe. Happy coincidence.
Can't speak of anything but our own experience, but this was a "hot" genre a few years back. Not so much today

For open edition, Image Conscious is as good as any

Anything with Augusta or Pebble seemed much better

Today, if anything was a noticeable blib, it might be the motivational-type prints with golf hole images

But, nothing stands out as a "leader"

You can tell your customer where they can obtain a nice golfer nutcracker to place near the framed print once you've got that organized.... :D


Golfer on the Green


Back when golf was a popular subject for us, about 5 years ago, we had good luck with Golf Gifts and Gallery, 1-800-552-4430.

As Bob said, Image conscious has some open editions that are nice. I would be very careful about carrying them as regular inventory. There is not a single golf print that I would consider a "good seller" in the past 8-9 years
Jennifer: we have about a dozen in both limited edition and open edition. Email if interested and can ship them toyou.