Golf anyone?


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 15, 2004
Northborough, MA
How do you all feel about befriending/or not, your local cometition? Would you play golf with them, assuming of course that you play golf?
Let's also assume for the sake of this argument that they are all local businesses not BBs.

(it's O.K. Cliff..... we WILL tee it up before the summer is over....

Whadaya think?

Befriend any local you can because there will come a time when you need each other. Our major local supplier actually sponsors a golf tourney every year where local framers and national vendors alike play a scramble, drink (some of them a lot!) and then eat. There are prizes and lots of invaluable info exchanges.

Of course, I'll play golf with anyone anytime anywhere. But by all means use whatever means to get to know your fellow framers.
I wish there was a golf opportunity for us framers in the Midwest.

There was a fantastic three day PMA golf tournament in Orlando, before the last PPFA Trade Show. I didn't see anyone else from PPFA playing there, but PMA people filled the two courses each day. It was simply a great way to meet Photo Marketing people, who had been attending for 20 years.

Don't miss this golf tournament next year.
There are so many alliances, business deals and just good rapport built on a golf course.

Go for it- you will definitely learn something about your competition. That may be positive or negative, but either way it should be helpful.
Oh don't missunderstand me... am of the beleif that you should be freindly with all of your neighbors and competitors accept when you step on to the first tee. Then, all bets are off.... (Just joking.)

I like being able to rely on my neighbors and invite them to call on me when help is needed or you just want to shoot the sh#^. It is one way we can help each other grow.

I know in our neighborhood there is a group of us that communcate and share materials, leads, etc... regularly. I was just wondering if this was the norm or something unique.
Golf? Did someone say Golf? Off to the cape for my weekend round ... Harry, wanna play nine at Packy before work?

I'll play with anyone, even Harry. ;)

I was trying to talk one of the reps into having a turney, like my computer high tech vendors did. no go.

As for helping ... no way! absolutely, NO way! except of course for my neighbors. ;)

I've tried to touch base with all my fellow framers. Some do joint orders with me, some shoot the s&^% (I was wondering what you were talking about Harry!) Some treat me like the plaque. Can't figure out what the harm is??

Cliff, I haven't played at the Packy in a lot of years and yes let's do it. Anyday but Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Call me we'll set it up. Sounds like fun.

$5 skins?
Cliff, are you trying to throw your hat in the ring for worst spelling grumbler next year?

Any kind of outing, be it golfing or just hitting the pub creates great rapport with your competitors and comrades. After all, its really personal relationships that matter in life.

And a low handicap.

Jerry, care to elaborate re: what did the person do?
Jerry, don't go there!

Puttyboy can search the archives if he must.

I'm off to my weekly expedition to the county landfill (free corner samples, ya know,) so behave while I'm gone.
Originally posted by Art On Canvas:
I wish there was a golf opportunity for us framers in the Midwest.

Please feel free to join the Wisconsin Chapter PPFA at their 4th annual Golf Outing - Scramble on June 12th! (Milwaukee Area)

$65 includes 18 holes, cart, lunch and door prizes! Please email Linda Pujo at for more information. All vendors & framers are invited.

There was a fantastic three day PMA golf tournament in Orlando....Don't miss this golf tournament next year.
Indeed, you are correct....I played with Ed Pratt (Far Left) of Wizard at the Fall Convention in Chicago along with two other "photo" guys. The weather was a little cool, as you can see by our attire...


I plan on participating in the PMAI golf outing in San Diego where the weather should be a little nicer -- It's indeed a well organized outing!

More Details on the Wisconsin Chapter PPFA - Golf Outing!

June 12th just 20 miles Northeast of Madison

Kestrel Ridge Golf Club
tel: 920-623-4653
N1111 State Road 89 Columbus, WI 53925


Mapquest location

$70 is the total cost which does include: 18 holes of golf, cart, meal, dessert, taxes and gratuity.

Linda Pujo is our committe chair person and is willing to help those who wish to travel longer distances to join our group on that day!


Pulling this to the top so that anyone in the Upper Midwest without weekend plans can join us in southwestern Wisconsin this coming Sunday.

We currently have three foursomes, and that means everyone will win a door prize - How can you loose?

Those that don't golf can join us for the dinner to follow.

Contact information is linked above.