Going Bananas!


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 4, 2004
Alberta, Canada
Has anybody ever framed Banana Leaf Paintings? No... not a picture of a banana leaf. Banana leaf paintings are handmade of authentic banana leaves. Leaves are perfectly cut and pieced together and typically feature scenes of African Life. Any thoughts on what materials to use?

Thanks In Advance All.
I usually go for earthy fabrics - something with texture like chenille or suede or the coarser linens (in the old days - BURLAP!!! LOL!). I have framed a lot of these - LJ's Primitive frames would be cool as well (nothing like putting a really wide expensive frame on a 5 cent piece of art!)

Have fun with it!!! They glue they use to fasten the pieces in place is really good - you shouldn't have to worry about flaking or chipping unless the piece is really old.

Let us see how it comes out!
I have two pieces of banana leaf art in my bathroom. The leaf pieces were glued onto black fabric, and I didn't mat them. But I did dry mount them (oh, horrors) and framed them with a Nurre Caxton frame that is now out of stock. But if LJ's primitive had been available I would have used it.
"Oh, horrors" is about right, Sherry. :D

It was a long time ago.

I was young and stupid (as opposed to old and stupid - my current condition.)

I dry mounted a couple of these things, as I recall. Most of the image transfered to the release paper (which did not release.)

There was enough images left that I was able to have an artist repaint them - good as new.

Not one of the proudest moments of my framing career.