Goalie Stick


Jun 7, 2002
Traverse city MI
I just got in a hockey goalie stick to frame. It is 63 inches long. I was going to put it in diagnolly and cut the frame corners not at 45's so I can use 60 inch material. Then it will hang on the wall at an angle with the top and bottom being parallel to the floor. Anyone else have any ideas or experience with this. I am thinking the angeled corners will force me to use metal frames since I don't think I can join anything but a 45.
Matt, I like to use 1/4" thick White plastic as a backing for anything relating to Hockey, skating, etc. Float the stick on it and it looks like ice in the rink. You can also use colored tape or Matboard strips behind it to make it look like the lines in the ice. Adding a puck or any other memorabilia to the package also makes it more interesting. You can also cut the plastic into strips to "line" the inside of the frame. Use your imagination and have fun with the design and it'll come out great. Good Luck!