Glue/Adhesive Question


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May 24, 2002
Raceland, Louisiana
What adhesive is best for gluing ceramic pieces of art? Any glue UMS stocks? A lady came in with an "angel" and wanted it mounted to a matboard. I suggested a fine wire, but she did not want anything that holds it in place to show.

Use what you are comfortable with in terms of proper framing materials.

Do not let the customer tell you what they will not accept in terms of "do not want anything to show".

With that said, a big glob of silicone will do. And I would not place my shop lable to the back of the frame.
Attaching a solid object to a paper based board
always raises the possibility that that surface of
the board may peel and allow the object to fall.
Gluing tubing onto the back of the object, so
that wire can be run through the tubing and threaded through holes in the mat board creates
a more shock-resistant support and allows for
removal of the object, if someone wants to put it
in another setting, in the future.

I totally agree with Jfeig!

Silicone and no tag. M+M sells the good stuff.

Customers don't know and don't see what we do. If someone wants me to do something I totally disagree with either I'll have them sign the work order where my liability clause is or I tell them I don't feel comfortable doing this and tell them Sorry.
Where is Captain Melinex when you need him?
He's probably busy framing....So, Ensign Clear Film at your service...
Thin strips of Melinex (MylarD) passed around the object and fed through the backing and attached. Virtually invisible, and totally safe.
Silcone is also my clue of choice for ceramics, since you can get it off again if you need to.

If the piece is very heavy, you will need some other support though, or the front layer of the mat board will just tear off.

Mylar strips, fishing line, thread of a matching color, all are possibilities. If the surface of the ceramic is matte, matching thread can become invisible.

Run your stitches not just through the matboard, but through a layer of backing as well. This will keep the mat board from buckling under the weight of the piece over time.