Glossy Mat Question

Uncle Eli

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Apr 2, 2005
Sunny Malibu CA.
Okay, Im hoping yall can help me here. I have a client that loves the look of Bainbridge's Brushed Onyx mat (8012) but the job we're doing requires a 40x60 mat, and this one doesn't come in that size. Previously we have painted the surface of Bainbridge 8517 with Gloss acyrlic medium to obtain the look of the Onyx Mat. However, this time the job calls for the highest level of conservation, and I'm concerned with the archivability of the piece. If I let the piece dry after coating it with the medium, how long would be long enough, or would it continue to outgass forever? I will have to cut the opening in this mat as soon as it is dry to the touch due to the complexity of the design. (about 720 wizard corners) But I can wait to install it as long as necessary. Any Help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Uncle Eli,

Have you tried Artique 4968/4140 from Larson Juhl? It is not quite as shimmery but it has more umph than some other blacks.

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It will be interesting to see what Rebecca and Hugh have to say on this.

Just guessing, but I think you should have no problems with the chemical stability of acrylic gloss medium after it dries. It is water-borne, so it does not contain solvents. For all we know, it may be better for preservation purposes than the original coloring on the mat.

Acrylic medium and gel have been recommended by conservators as good general purpose adhesives in preservation framing; they may be heat activated and reactivated.

That is, acrylics are generally better than typical framing adhesives, except starch paste, so my guess is that they are also better than the typical varnishes.
My gut tells me that Jim has a good point. Acrylic is waterbased and doesn't outgas any solvents in the drying process. The drying time would probably be about the same for any use of clear acrylic medium and, once dry to the touch, it should be ready to finish with your opening cuts as long as you are careful not to mar the clear finish in handling. That is alot of openings to handle with a sticky mat surface!

Thanks guy's I'm going to bring this back up to the top, just incase anyone else wants to chime in, but it sounds like I should be good to go. I'll post pictures when it's all done.