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Apr 5, 2008
Remember that Laura Branigan song from 1982? 'Gloria....(something something).....if everybody wants, you, why isn't anybody callin'?). It's a beautiful name, and hopefully, it's been owned and redeemed by someone you love. But, it's also a great name for unbought merchandise. Whether gallery art that won't sell, or a frame you've had for umpteen years and never used, we all have some Glorias. I think one secret of business is to have as few of them as possible, and efficient operators streamline their shops to minimize glorification. Or find ways to turn Glorias back into something customers want. (Not that Gloria was for sale.....well, who knows?....at least, we hope she wasn't....but we digress).

Have you changed your habits enough to move slow sellers from your shop and make a more efficient business? Or do you like having some Glorias around? Moving that ceramic lamp around the gallery, even though it hasn't sold in fifteen years? Keeping a frame sample on the wall, in the hope that it will sell next week. It's a pretty safe bet that folks like Bob Carter and John Baker (and perhaps you), are masters of keeping a shop free of slow movers. Folks who run multiple stores successfully, over a long period of time. High energy, streamlined, and efficient. They would also remind us that a space can either earn money or sit stagnant, and this often depends on the item you put in that space.

For those to whom the minimization of stagnant merchandise comes naturally, the inability of others to do so might seem mystifying. How much of this skill do you think is innate, and how much can be learned? How has your journey been?

*AKA as 'barking spiders'.
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Larry Peterson

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Apr 8, 2003
I'm of an age that this is my fav Gloria.

Sorry for the GloriaThread.