Global Payment Systems, watch out.


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Aug 12, 2000
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I just spent from five PM to eight PM sitting on the phone attempting to solve a problem with these folks.

Global Payment Systems will handle your charge card transactions just fine, until a problem occurs. Get ready to be passed around, kept on hold, attempts to dump you on anyone they can think of.

I had a sale today for $178.45. when I closed out my charge sales it came through as $1,778.45. OK, I ran a credit for $1,600.00 and called my customer and told her what happened. I then proceeded to close out my charge card sales again. This time I came up with a minus amount of $7,600.00.

I called Global Payment Systems and they transfered me to my customers Visa card processor. They called the customer on conference call and we decided the best thing to do was just give her a credit for everything and she came down to my store and wrote me a check for the purchase. Her processor told me to call Global Payments to get the $7,600.00 taken off my account.

It is now 5:30 pm. I called Global Payments and in less than five minutes, they had my credit or refund up to over $9,600.00. They explained to me that I would have to run a charge back to my customers account to cover the amount. I told them no way was I going to put my customer through any more shenanigans.

Global Payments ended up keeping me on the phone until 8:00 pm, they could not get the charges erased from my account. I have been instructed to go to my bank first thing Tuesday morning and have them refuse to pay the debit. They gave me a number at Global for them to call to verify what had happened.

I will be willing to bet that my bank will tell me I have to close my checking account to stop the debit. I have had that account for over 25 years.

Thanks for letting me vent, stay away from Global Payment Systems. Their computers screw up, it is your problem, not theirs.

Good grief John - what an awful scenario! Good luck getting everything back on keel. YIKES! Computers are our best friends and our worst enemies.
As it stand now, I have lost the $9,600.00. I can see this heading toward a courtroom. If I do not want to close my business account, I will have to cover those funds out of my pocket. I am not positive about this, perhaps my bank can handle it without closing my account or needing the money. I have all day today, tonight, tomorrow, etc. until Tuesday morning to stew about it. If anyone else has had problems with this credit card processing company ie: "Global Payment Systems", please let me know.

I don't think you'll have any problems at the bank. They stop payments on ACH debits and checks all the time. My bank was helpful in one similar case although the amount was much smaller.

Good Luck
Thanks Doug, this thing is really eating away at me, that helped a whole lot.

John - banks are fighting with each other for our business these days so I am positive yours will do everything they can to help you with this!

My credit card number was "compromised" last month and my bank got suspicious and phoned me when charges were made in both Montreal and Georgia on the same day. They were very concerned and told me to be sure and call them if any other charges showed up on my account so they could delete them. I had a new card in less than a week.

Banks WANT to help their good customers!

I am sure your bank will help you!
I know my bank will do all it can. What I am concerned about is will I get to them before these electronic charges go through. My bank will just pay them, even if I do not have the funds in the account, that is how long I have been with them.

If I do get there in time, will I have to close my account. I just received one thousand new checks on that account. I also just mailed off all my monthly bills, including taxes. It will be a huge mess.

All of this is because Global Payments are not equipped to deal with errors in their system. Their computers kicked out false numbers, yet in over three hours on Saturday night, the only thing their computer technicians could come up with was for me to get to my bank before their screw up came through. It's insane.

They tried to tell me that my account with them is so old, they no longer had the codes for the processing machine at my store. Therefore, there is nothing they can do, can you believe that?

I wanted to e-mail this thread to Global Payments, so I looked them up on the Internet. Talk about a corporation buried within a corporation. There are hundreds of listings for Global Payment Systems, but they are all links to links. There does not seem to be any central office at all. If anyone can figure a way of e-mailing this thread to their main office, I would be grateful.

I got a hold of the e-mail address for the CEO of Global Payments. His name, according to the Global Payments help desk, is Paul Garcia at I e-mailed this thread to him. Hopefully he may be able to get this mess cleared up, we shall see. I will let you know if he contacts me or if he just shines me on,whatever takes place.

I got to my bank in time to put a stop payment on the $9,235.00. I guess it payed to send Globals CEO this thread. A lady from Global called my shop first thing this morning and is working diligently to clear this matter up. I will let y'all know the outcome.

My first post on this subject was when I got home on Saturday night. I did not have the exact figures with me & I was tired and pissed off. Hope that explains the discrepancy in my numbers.

I think you are well within your rights to be pissy about this John, the service they offered was deplorable and they obviously have no comprehension of how much stress they can inflict.

Send the buggers a bill for your labour...