Glazing options for Pastel

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MGF, Master Grumble Framer
May 20, 2005
Hi again -

I have been framing works for a particular pastel artist for some time. Recently she asked me to reframe some large works that she did about 10 years ago. We kept the glass and mats and just cleaned them up a bit and changed the frame. Anyway the pieces were 40" x 55" and working with glass that size really scares the **** out of me. Are there any "non-static" / low static acrylic options out there that could be used with this medium? On the really large pieces I already use channel/sink mats to keep the art a good distance from the glazing, but am still worried about the static effects of acrylic. Thanks in advance for your help -
As far as I have always heard, acrylic is absolutely a "no-no" for pastel. I don't think they have yet invented a non-static acrylic glazing option. You may be stuck using glass...
I think Tru-Vue Optium is purported to be anti-static - but a piece that size wholesales for about $500. Is she rich?

Pat :D
No she's not rich. Her works that size sell for between 2,500 and 4,000, so the added framing charges would probably be cost prohibitive. And even my "rich" customers probably could not be talked into that option, particularly when I charge extra handling/fitting charges with glass that size of (depending on the customer) 100 to 150 bucks. Any other ideas anyone? Thanks -
Optium acrylic can be found in 1/8" and 3/16"
thickness and it has a static dispersing coating
on it that means it has no static. It is available
with UV filtration and is the best option for
pastels. It comes 41"X71" and is available from
Tru Vue in McCook, IL, or from Preservation Glazing Services, 910-692-4283. It costs over
$500 per lite (wholesale), but is worth more than that for pastels in the price range mentioned.
It comes with a blue vinyl covering and should be
washed with dilute dish detergent and wiped dry.
Care should be taken to keep fingerprints off it,
once it is clean.