CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Dec 3, 2004
I am framing a print that is 37" x 14 1/2". The customer is concerned about weight. I know that glass will be heavy on something this shape and size, but I also know that just touching plexi will sometimes cause a scratch. Any suggestions? If plexi is the route to go, what brand or type is the best to use? Everything I have done in the past is glass, so this is a new venture. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
Is it vertical or horizontal? Why do I care? :D Seriously, it's not that big. I would use glass unless you're trying to frame it with a 1/2" wood moulding!
Sooner or later you're going to want to make friends with Cyro Acrylite, but this may not be the project that makes that necessary.

Cyro makes OP-3 that is UV filtering and AR that is abrasion-resistant, though the regular product is more durable than you'd think.

If you have, say, a Fletcher 3000 wall cutter, the Acrylite is easy to cut and easy to work with.

Sometimes the most negative stories and feelings we hear about plastic come from framers who've gone to Home Depot and bought some Lucite or Styrene. Acrylite is made for framers - not storm doors.
Another advantage with the acrylic versus glass is that it will not shatter & destroy the art and the little child it falls on - I recomend it for public places etc.
Thanks to all of you for your comments. The item is 37" long by 14 1/2" tall. It is going in a public place. Anyone have the contact info for the plexi company that is mentioned?
Try any of your local frame suppliers, it is a common product and anyone that sells mats, frames and glass will probably have it.
Call your Tru Vue Glass distributor.

Last year Cyro partnered with Tru Vue to distribute Acrylite acrylic glazing products through the big Tru Vue distribution network.

As part of the deal, Tru Vue makes Optium Acrylic and Museum Optium Acrylic, which are Acrylite FF and OP-3 sheets with the Tru Vue anti-reflection coatings applied.

And Tru Vue packages the Acrylite glazing products in some standard sizes, so we no longer have to buy 48" x 96" sheets from plastic distributors.