glass swizzle sticks


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Jul 16, 2002
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Any ideas on how to frame glass swizzle sticks? They have been collecting them for years and want to frame them to keep them safe. I think glue is out. Also any creative ideas on framing them?
Mylar should work well with these. Cut a strip of Mylar 4 X 1 inch for each one. Cut a one inch strip (opening)on the mat behind where each swizzle stick will sit. The swizzle stick will hide the cut. Wrap the mylar around the swizzle stick and pull thru the cut. The mylar should be invisible on the swizzle sticks. Attach the tabs on the back of the mat with #969 ATG.
EZ-Tach should be perfect for something like that. If you are coming to Atlanta stop in to Fletcher's booth and I will demonstrate it for you so you can see first hand how it works. If you are not going to be in Atlanta, any Fletcher-Terry distributor should be able to show you the product and how it works. Good luck.

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You could also tie them in splayed bundles with some sort of pretty ribbon, and mount them by the ribbon.

There's no reason your method of mounting has to be invisible, as long as it is attractive.
However you decide to mount them, I'd be tempted to do something funky with the frame design.

The Poems catalog has a print called Martini something that could be cut up and made into an interesting mat. (Yes, I know one doesn't use a swizzle stick with a martini but I love the retro Atomic Age look of that piece.)

Or maybe a Guy Buffet poster as the backing with the swizzle sticks mounted on colored mat board and floated above it.

It sounds like a fun project.

Originally posted by Maryann:
Mylar should work well with these...Attach the tabs on the back of the mat with #969 ATG.
I agree with all of Maryann's suggestions, except using ATG 969 to adhere the clear film on the back of the mount board.

ATG tapes do not have a carrier tape -- that is, they're all adhesive. They tend to separate over time; they're just too gummy to hold under any stress. And they're thicker than good double-sided tapes.

My suggestion is to use 3M #889 double-sided tape. It is a very thin polyester tape with a strong acrylic adhesive. For bonding clear films, it is the best I've found.