Glass 2 Go

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2002
Everett, WA
A customer called the other day wanting a price on regular glass, 22 X 38 that she was going to put into her frame. Our price was $22.00. She said Michael's quoted her $80.00. I don't think they sell regular glass so I'm assuming this was conservation.

Our glass-only prices are about 25% less than the price for glass in a framing package.

Grumblers, do you offer "glass to go" and if you do, what sort of pricing structure do you use? Do you sell it for less than if you were doing the framing? If so, why?
I would sell any size glass of any flavor for the same price that I would offer in a frame package for these reasons.

1. It takes just as long to cut that piece of glass whether it is being installed by you in a frame package or being sold over the counter.

2. I always wrap bare glass in something so the customer doesn't cut himself, his upholstery, the dog riding in the back seat (with the sheet of glass), and the labor to clean and wrap for retail sale is about the same as it would be to clean and drop it into a frame.

3. I am not running a glass supply house per se. If the customer wants to buy the glass from me for a DIY project rather than going to the friendly neighborhood glass supply or lumberyard, then he pays the going rate for the specialized glass and the service provided. (Have you ever compared house grade window glass from a lumber yard to any of the framer's glass you carry in your shop??)

I sold a piece of premium clear yesterday to a photographer who wanted just what you are describing. The size was almost exactly your dimensions, 22X36 and he was happy to pay $33.00 plus tax. (The competitor down the road wanted $45.00 for the same piece of glass.)

I'm a picture framer, I think that that is pretty self-explanatory - you bring me a picture - I give it you back framed.

However, obviously I CAN provide all the component parts. But for those that I will provide you'll pay at LEAST what I would charge if I were doing the complete package, for all the reasons Framerguy said.

I'd be tempted to mark up a little more for supply only.
Phone a few glass co's in town and ask (shop) them for their price.
Over here framers tend to sell their framed glass for a lot less than a glazing co / glass merchant, so you might be able to get a premium.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be concerned with selling a customer a piece of cc, museum, etc.
Most likely they'll stuff it up, and you know who they'll blame !
Instead, maybe offer to cut and fit for them when they are ready.

Cts (cut to size) supplied glass should be edge 'seamed' too, for client safety, ie. take the sharp edges off.
Use a diamond rubbing pad, fine stone, or even a bit of sandpaper wrapped around a piece of timer, and just wipe both edges of each of the 4 sides, up one edge, back the other, rotate . . . (or one side if dealing with ovals / circles :D )

Of course the extra seaming, cleaning, and wrapping is worth the premium to your normal framing price.
Looks like it's unanimous...I will change my prices. Thanks everyone.