Girlie, what's that?


Feb 3, 2006
The customer wants the top map to be Girlie...what does that mean; girlie? Heck, I'm a guy. The piece is done in pastel's by a 5 year old. The customer wants to use a white antique frame. The piece is flowers and leaves with a lot of green.

Pink? S**t, I'm a girl and I don't know either! :eek:
Girlie: Pinks, light yellows, pastels, french mats, froo-froo kinda softy colors

Manly: Black! Brown! Gray! Leather! Dark Blue! Simple.

Not my definition, per se...just coming from previous customers' descriptions. Had one yesterday...."Nothing Girlie (I swear!), you know, it's for a bachelor guy" It was an embroidery of a buff naked guy with angel wings....and NOT a Harley dood, either! Go figure!! Ended up with a black suede, silver-inner mat with a big oak ("to match his skin") frame. ACK!
Maybe 'pretty'. I hav'nt found the name 'Girlie' in my spescifers so your guess is as good as mine. So pick a Girlie color that looks good with the art and call him on the phone and run it by him. It's so hard to second guess the customer.
By the way, welcome to the grumble. :cool:
Pink will be just all wrong with the greens.

Go with light canary or even a buttercup. Detail with a baby lace fillet.

Come on, you're from the "Girlie-mon" state.

Val, Frank's has those 12 new colors in LEATHER. [but no studs] :D Call for your swatches or you wont see untill Vegas...

" . . angel wings"??? :eek: It must have been <s>darling</s> MANLY.
Girlie, soft pretty, pastel-like but not overly so. Think Englund's "love is" prints from the '70s

Little boy colors, blues, primaries, playful colors, think puppy dogs sailboats and slingshots.

Manly, dark, don't match their surroundings, tend to clash with the artwork and frame and will need to be swapped out after the initial luster fades!
Thank you all sooo much! Yes, this helps...guess I will do away with the top map that I think looks really great and work with some of the colors that you have suggested here...thanks again and have a nice weekend.