Getting the Grumble on home computer?


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Jun 13, 2002
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I rarely have time at home to be on the computer but was trying to get on the Grumble last night from home with my new DSL service and couldn't even view TG - was only able to get the home page.

I know I am always Logged On at the store ... so how do I get on in both places the easiest way to be able to "grumble" from home.


If you are getting to home page then you need to click on the FORUMS headline, that takes you to the top of the BB. You will also need to login if you haven't logged in before at home.

Sat Help?

I did go to forums but said my login was incorrect - and I hadn't even logged in - just trying to "peep" from home!!

I never logout at the store (probably forgot my password again!) so will I have to logout at the store to login at home?!

Computers... Can't live with them, can't live without them!!

Shouldn't have to logout from one place to login at another, but if you don't remember your password that can make it hard to log in.

I just hooked up DSL at my shop about 5 minutes ago, in fact you are the first Grumbler that I am posting to on my shop DSL, (little round of applause for Roz!!), and I didn't do anykthing to set up the Grumble. Unless you have never logged onto the Grumble from home and/or kyou haven't checked the box or whatever to save your login and password I can't imagine what it is that is stopping you from accessing the forum.

Now, if you changed your email address, that causes a huge rash of problems and may take you a month or so to get back on the "G"!! :eek:
Oh boy... I haven't changed my email address - although the dsl at home is a different email account - I didn't have to input that to get online... hmmmm... I'll try again tonight and see what I can come up with...

Thanks, Roz

PS Framerguy - how do you like the dsl!! It sure beats the heck out of dial-up!!! If my computer were only faster...

There's no need to log off from the shop before you log in at home, etc. I personally view the grumble from about 5 different computers, depending where I'm working, relaxing, or consulting during the week.

Once you log in with the correct address and password, it will set a "cookie" on the home computer - so it will remember you for all future visits.

The only DISADVANTAGE to accessing the grumble from multiple locations is that your "last read pointers/light bulbs" are specific to each machine. ie: If you read all the messages at work and then go home, it will still show where you left off the last time you used the home computer. This is because the cookies (physically located on each computer) are updated to keep track of where you left off in each forum. I hope that makes sense.

Welcome to the world of high speed!

Well Roz did you get it to work?

We have DSL at home and dial up here at the shop, but my son hogs the computer at home.

Mike which is faster DSL or Cable In your opinion?

We have DSL at home and dial up here at the shop, but my son hogs the computer at home.

Mike which is faster DSL or Cable In your opinion?
That's a million dollar question

It depends entirely on the area, technology installed, and policies of the provider. Cable is technologically superior and faster, and will travel further distances - but ISP's have bandwidth caps/restrictions on all accounts. They limit how fast you can receive as well as how fast you can send.

When we got our COX (home) cable about 4 years ago, it was considerably faster than Verizon DSL. Cox has lowered my limits twice in that period, and it's now 60% slower. I can now send at 35 and receive at 600.

The trend lately has been for ISP's to lower prices and loosen the bandwith caps, but that trend hasn't hit our area yet unfortunately.

If you're on a business account, the matter worsens. Business Cox customers pay more than double that of residential, and are severely speed restricted to about 3x as fast as a dialup modem. (of course for $20/month more they'll bump it up a bit, and for $50/month more you can have the same speed as residential).

Around here, DSL has been a constant speed all along - with the price hovering higher than residential cable and lower than business cable.

I tried Verizon DSL at one of my businesses and found it to be quirky and unreliable. (dns issues, mail issues, downtime, etc) I didn't appreciate the special sign on procedures(pppoe), but that was quickly remedied by installing a router. This was a few years ago ... I bet they've improved by now. I have a Verizon T1 line for one of my computer clients, and they haven't had any complaints so far.

For info about trends and policies, check out

Still no luck at home.

When I go to the Home Grumble site and click on Forums it takes me there, but there is already a message saying that my password is not correct.

There is the box that says "logout" but I haven't tried that - haven't had the time this week to "play" - but will try - again! Gotta be able to get it on the home base!!

Thanks, Roz
I would suggest clicking on the link that tells the system to email your password, so you can log in at the house. It sounds like you just need the proper username and password to fix it up.

Eureka!! I got it. I finally got it!!! I had to sign off at home and then sign on. Bingo. Simple as that... So I am connected in both places - could be dangerous!!