Generic brand mounting tissue okay?


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I have ordered different mounting tissues over time... and wonder which one you prefer for the general all round projects?

Bienfang Multi-mount?
United General Purpose?

My question about ANY adhesives is how would you test them?
I remember about 25 years ago, the sales reps for Seal used to demonstrate how strong their adhesive was by cutting an X through a freshly mounted photograph. Then they'd pick up a point of the X with a box knife and peel up the photo plus the first layer of paper from the face of the mounting board. Of course the paper delaminates easily. They would point out that the bond was stronger than the mount board. HA!!!

We carry MT-5, Colormount, Fusion 4000, and Archival Mount (now Buffermount?).

We haven’t tried United’s “almost but not quite” line of tissues.

For our needs, except for “archival” purposes, Colormount seems to work on the greatest variety of materials.
Roz -
We have used United's line of dry mount tissue for several years & have found no discernible difference between them & Seal.
United's MD-96* is an excellent buy and a very good general-purpose mounting tissue.

*That's from memory, so don't hold me to the name.
We use CMT from Superior Moulding and have been very happy
So... 5 of you recommended different mounting tissues. How do you know that they are good? How did you test them?

Because your customer hasn't brought one back with bubbles or other failures that the tissue is good?

How do you compare drymount tissues?