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Gemini Moulding


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 14, 2004
Nicholasville, KY
Received a full catalog from Gemini moulding yesterday. They have been nice and I really like some of their custom closed corner shadow boxes, etc.

Anyone have any positive comments about the company before I make a big order I need?

I've had good experiences with Gemini and few bad ones. They have a broad line of mouldings and supplies, and their acrylic fabricator, Showcase Acrylics, has always done a nice job.
Gemini has been great for me. Their driver is always getting earlier and earlier, which is good. Their order desk people go the extra mile. Never had any trouble with them. Recommend Gemini highly. And Don Berg is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful people in the business.
I am thinking about using the Gemini Memory Box collection in place of the Framerica Boxers. Can anyone provide input on the Gemini shadowboxes?

Gemini........Finest Kind!!
I've used their Memory Box's...can't be beat. I don't remember the ladies name in their Showcase Acrylics dept.(heck,......today I can't remember my own name!) but she is very helpful!
Gemini is manufacturing easy-open acrylic box frames they called "Enhanced Gravity Groove". Quite a nice design, if I may say so myself.
Yes Jim
That's an excellant idea. I seem to remember a fella showing about 50 framers that idea in a class a couple of years ago
I'm glad this thread about Gemini came up... I was so enamored with the gravity groove frames I saw in Atlanta and was looking for something I could use in one. In early November I had great items come in that would have looked so fantastic in the Gravity Groove frames. I had the brochures from their booth, but also had ordering questions. I called but no one responded. I e-mailed and finally got a response but no answers. I called again, got the answers, and was ready to place the order a couple of days later because my customer said the price was fine. I called to place the order. No response. I called and left messages twice more and then decided to go with a shadowbox from another company. Has anyone else had trouble ordering from Showcase?
I think their Enhanced Gravity Grove selection is great.

I currently carry none of their samples. Does anybody know who their NE rep is??

PS: I hope Sherry's experience is an aberration and they are not the new La Marche....I can't tolerate lousy customer service and slow/no responses.

Actually, I do remember sending an inquiry email a few months ago and somebody did get back to me. 3 weeks later.
I have found Gemini to be a great company, phone orders, e-mail orders, everyone I have ever called or contacted was very helpfull. If I place my order by 9am I have had the order the next day by Speedee even during the Christmas rush it is never been more than two days. My sales Rep. Rich goes the extra mile also, so all I can say is " its the best company I have worked with "!!
Thanks for all the feedback from everyone, it looks like I will give them a try on an order I've got coming. Unfortunately, I'll have to go blind (sans samples) since it sounds like it'll be a while before the samples are sent out for $25.

I called and left a message but then called and got transferred to the Showcase Acrylics dept and talked a very knowledgable, helpful person. You may want to give them another try since it sounds like they have some great products.